Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Friday, July 28, 2017

REALITY TV Makeover Edition

If we must continue to suffer the existence of 'reality TV,'
can we not at least infuse the damning experience with
some substance or value?

What about a premise of implementing social reform,
or developing progressive policies that give back to our
communities, as the basis for the competition?

It's still a competition, it's still about winning that money,
it's still horrible people that America loves to obsess over.

Only now, the weekly challenges have not only a positive,
but a potentially lasting effect on the world.

One week, the wanna-be celebs have to create a viable
market plan for a halfway house that assists people being
released from prison transition back into the working world.
The next, working with battered women at a domestic
abuse shelter to determine solutions for their specific needs,
and so on.

Not only would the issues be given airtime, but the idea
of the importance of volunteerism and support for various
projects can be promoted, and actual work and monies are
being funneled into these programs by the contestants' ideas
and fund-raising efforts.

Would it really be so unheard of to better the world while
creating otherwise mindless entertainment?