Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another TEX-ASS sized shit-storm is abrew. Ha-ha.

Here it is--in case you forgot.
I know I try and block it out all the time.
Would we really miss it?!

Ah, Texas. Reliable like Napalm, whiskey, and rat poison for 'getting the job done.'

What are they on about this week, you ask?

Check out the New York Times article on how badly they want to be 'let out
of' the Union (such as it is, to be fair.) 
Secession ahoy! (No, wait--we were just pretending all this time!)

Whether it's screwed-up text books for indoctrinating school kids, or being
on the back end of the 1950s for every matter spanning immigration to women's
rights, Texas is what we in the South refer to as 'a Real Problem.'

(Cue dramatic music and a sideways glance indicating 'someone' ought to
do something about said problem!)

Lo and behold, Tex-ass seems inclined to do it for us. I say "Let 'er rip!"

Redesign the U.S. borders, withdraw all federal funding, remove all National
Guardsmen, uproot anything of actual cultural significance (awesome bistros,
art galleries, and blues houses) and tell the rest of these knuckle-heads to
get out! DEPORTED! (as it were.)

What are there, like, fifty cool people in the damned state? Grant those poor
bastards asylum and pay to relocate them. Ya can't be blamed for geographically

rolling craps. Grab Wendy Davis, explain you can't make something delectable
out of shit, and put her to use in a real state.

With Tex-ass gone, the cumulative IQ of the Southern states may actually have
a shot at increasing. The reach of the South will not be as pervasive in cubic feet,
and then we can put enticing fact on all our travel commercials to other countries!
People headed out West from the lower southern quadrant need not fear dealing
with ass-hat Texas law enforcement.

We won't have to deal with as much ludicrous proposals and legislation and
decrees from the Quagmire State. Oh-My-Goodness...wait! Could we actually
make Bushie's "pResidency" null and void? (Unfortunately, there's no time
travel yet, but...fingers crossed.) Crud...never mind...Herbert and Prescott weren't
born in Texas. Drat.

As 'real, proud 'mericans' are wont to say,
"If you don't like it here, Get the FUCK out!"