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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why the Police are a Problem

Any time you give a human being a
smidge of authority (i.e., Power,) it
is automatic that they will become
heady with said authority to command.
In time, the mere psychological boost
that comes from being in a dominant
position gives an additional sense of
Having a separation state gives a false
view of reality. ("We are the 'good' guys,
and anyone we come up against are
instantly--by default--the 'bad' guys.")
Considering oneself correct by virtue of
position and appointment allows for some
real power trips and head trips. The line
between 'what the law is' and 'what bothers
me personally' starts to erode.
Being in a high stress job that doesn't pay
well and is rather thankless can get to
anyone. ('Thankless' except for all
the media and foundations and newscasters
and politicians constantly doting, open-
ended, on all our 'brave men and women
who serve the public in law enforcement.'
With no irony, or mention, regarding the
rampant corruption, misuse of authority,
misuse of force, and so on.)
The public institutions therefore add
to the sense of infallibility and greatness
that have already been fostered in policing agencies.
Reinforcement of truths not in evidence.
Then we have to consider the essence of the
male psyche; that we are programmed to be
combative over compassionate, to escalate
rather than empathize, and to be dominant
rather than diplomatic.
The tough guy bravado is used to build an
image of being Indomitable, to keep law men
and women credible agents in dangerous
situations with scary, violent offenders. But it
doesn't get turned off when dealing with the
regular, everyday citizens who made simple,
non-violent mistakes or minor offenses. (Or,
those who have not done anything wrong at all.)
Then we add to the mix the whole 'gang mentality'
that any unified group or tribe forms (which is
especially rabid and unwavering amongst police.)
The mafia-esque nature of the Code of Blue makes
these band of brothers willing to go to any lengths
to stop someone looking to 'harm' a fellow. Even
when their fellow is the one guilty of the wrong-doing.
The institutionalized notion that cops are great, that
cops deserve respect, that the police are on our
side, that we'll be fine if we've done nothing wrong--
these are all myths perpetrated by a mass of machinery.
It's a false precept. Authority does not equal 'right.'
But authority creates the ego of 'right, no matter what.'
It's time to change the thinking.

Thou knowest whereof thy speak....




'Fear and Loathing' is not a good choice for a campaign slogan.


Friday, December 18, 2015

"We Didn't Start the Fire"

Horace Vernet's "Barricade rue Soufflot"
Whenever those who seem to have a blanket support
of law enforcement individuals--i.e., disdain for anyone
who questions those in law enforcement--I always ask
myself if they know why they support 'officers of the

See, the art of knowing thyself is a lost and dying one. And
it seems that self-awareness is another one of those horrid
liberal traits not to be caught dead with, at least in the eyes
of conservatives.

I wonder if people who say "law and order have to be
maintained at all costs" realize that they say this from a
point of privilege. I wonder if they know that, were their
circumstance different, their stiff-upper-lip motif would be
unjustly accused and arbitrarily beaten right out of them.

I know they imagine a world without rules equals a world
of chaos, of anarchy, of blood running in the streets. And
an interruption in the supply line and profits--mustn't forget

So I wonder; Are police supporters and apologists (copologists)
really convinced that the police do no wrong? Or do they simply
enjoy their holier-on-high status and don't want the boat rocked?

Does it make them sleep better to think in black-and-white terms

(literally and metaphorically) of 'good' us versus 'bad' them?

Is it just less stressful to believe that anyone the police pursue or
arrest is obviously guilty? Or do they know the truth and they're
just some slick-ass, two-faced frontin' liars--pretending they're
on the up-and-up with a moral stance while eating their privilege
cake of profiting off the laws they break?

Maybe they're just blindly channeling the 'good boys' and 'good
girls' we were all indoctrinated to be as kids; obedient, compliant,
trusting, and silent.

There's a wide berth between who law enforcement are supposed
to be, in fact who they are purported to be, and who they actually
are. We can keep pretending that theirs is a proud and moral duty
to a higher calling, but the evidence is all around us that this is
sadly no longer the case.

The people of this country are not often lawless for no reason. If
the laws of the land were evenly, justly, and universally applied,
most would be okay with the aftermath of their actions. But that
is not the America we live in.

Laws are arbitrarily upheld, at the whim of the officer(s) on duty.
The people who are watched, pursued, and captured are largely
poor men of color. How you are treated--whether or not you are
arrested for a crime, whether you are prosecuted, how you are then
sentenced--is dependent upon 'race,' income level, who you know,
who your people are, and your perceived importance in the community.

(This is true in small towns and big cities--injustice is all-inclusive.)

When the perceptions, intimations, biases, and personal issues of
those who are in charge of 'dispensing justice' are as lopsided and
commanding as they are, there can be no true justice. We're more
in love with upholding the pretense of a balanced and working
system than we are in attaining true and needed reform.

The duality of our existing society (where those who corruptly take
every advantage of their positions are the very ones determining a
'need' for more fervent crackdown on low-level crimes) is a demon
run amok.

Our President is under fire (again) this week for the release of so
many prisoners being held for minor drug offenses. The practice
this country has had for the last three decades, of ruining lives over
personal use drugs and victimless crimes, is not under the microscope,

Policing has become a means to an end; more arrests means more
money to make more arrests. 'Quotas' should not be a term that is
ever associated with our 'peace keepers.'

In the drawing of a dividing line between 'police supporters' and
supposed 'lawless anarchists,' citizens would be wise to note
that this country has a long history of rebellion against the stringent
rule of those who considered themselves in the right. The truth is not
always what's being crammed down your throat.

It's the grey areas where we are bound to discover resolution. Keeping
things hyperbolically 'black and white' can only lead to revolution.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

'Mental Illness,' the passionately memorable
and oft-used boogeyman of The Powers That Be,
is being resurrected once more in the wake of
YET ANOTHER mass shooting.

Once more, as guns have been used to randomly
murder people going about their day, idiots with
microphones wish to focus solely on the shooter
(and their limited, subjective view of his 'profile.')

We're still not talking about a pervasive gun culture.

We're not talking about desensitization to gun use
through the indoctrination process of video games.

We're not speaking about accessibility on a wide scale.

We're not addressing gun laws--or the lack thereof.
(WHOOPSIE! Texas just made a liar out of me! Wait,
what?!?! Are you kidding me? Passage of a law
ALLOWING open gun carry?!? Man, you can't make
this shit up.)

But no...we need a talking point--a singular focus.
A patsy.
An easy target.
A red herring, more palatable to the folks who should really
be on the firing line.

Like 'Commies,' 'The Blacks,' 'Pushy Dykes,'
'Reefer-Madness Kids,' and of course, D. Trump's fave,
'The Illegals' before us, the 'Mentally Ill' are set to be America's newest on-paper Plight.

Get us catalogued.
Get us branded.
Put the WANTED posters plastered on every corner.

The 'Unstable' are coming for you and your kids...
even as gun aficionados and those deemed fit by the
state's less-than-rigorous background checks are actually
doing the damage. (Not to mention the government
sanctioned 'protectors and servers.')

Too bad there's nothing that could be done to reasonably
and responsibly prevent such potential problems with folks
with chemical imbalances or personality disorders....you
know, like, I dunno... easily accessible mental health services,
assistance with meds, availability of counselors, teaching
understanding of mental illness to the public at large, and
eliminating the stigma and misinformation around mental
health issues.

You know....Preventative care, up front, instead of good ol'
American Hindsight and clean-up.

But, you know...I guess that's just Crazy Talk.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Undercover cop needs gun to fend off
unarmed protesters who are filming his act of brutality.
Accountability NOW.
Restraint NOW.
Reform NOW.


     "My country, 'tis of thee,
      sweet land of (promised) liberty,
my hands I wring.
Land where the churches side
with white men full of pride,
every blockhead needs a bride;
Bend over and SING!"

"Guys with camera phones are the worst kind of terrorists.
Better train my assault weapon on him!
Because why act rationally? It's not like I'll face any consequences!"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another TEX-ASS sized shit-storm is abrew. Ha-ha.

Here it is--in case you forgot.
I know I try and block it out all the time.
Would we really miss it?!

Ah, Texas. Reliable like Napalm, whiskey, and rat poison for 'getting the job done.'

What are they on about this week, you ask?

Check out the New York Times article on how badly they want to be 'let out
of' the Union (such as it is, to be fair.) 
Secession ahoy! (No, wait--we were just pretending all this time!)

Whether it's screwed-up text books for indoctrinating school kids, or being
on the back end of the 1950s for every matter spanning immigration to women's
rights, Texas is what we in the South refer to as 'a Real Problem.'

(Cue dramatic music and a sideways glance indicating 'someone' ought to
do something about said problem!)

Lo and behold, Tex-ass seems inclined to do it for us. I say "Let 'er rip!"

Redesign the U.S. borders, withdraw all federal funding, remove all National
Guardsmen, uproot anything of actual cultural significance (awesome bistros,
art galleries, and blues houses) and tell the rest of these knuckle-heads to
get out! DEPORTED! (as it were.)

What are there, like, fifty cool people in the damned state? Grant those poor
bastards asylum and pay to relocate them. Ya can't be blamed for geographically

rolling craps. Grab Wendy Davis, explain you can't make something delectable
out of shit, and put her to use in a real state.

With Tex-ass gone, the cumulative IQ of the Southern states may actually have
a shot at increasing. The reach of the South will not be as pervasive in cubic feet,
and then we can put enticing fact on all our travel commercials to other countries!
People headed out West from the lower southern quadrant need not fear dealing
with ass-hat Texas law enforcement.

We won't have to deal with as much ludicrous proposals and legislation and
decrees from the Quagmire State. Oh-My-Goodness...wait! Could we actually
make Bushie's "pResidency" null and void? (Unfortunately, there's no time
travel yet, but...fingers crossed.) Crud...never mind...Herbert and Prescott weren't
born in Texas. Drat.

As 'real, proud 'mericans' are wont to say,
"If you don't like it here, Get the FUCK out!"