Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

True Colors: "You know how THEY is!"

So, the big news for the week in DEVLlle (depending on
who you are, naturally,) was that ol' Daniel went and sold
his Sunoco franchise to a new owner.

And when the fact that the new owner is an Indian gentleman
(as in overseas, the Republic of India, South Asia locale) Indian
descent, not Native Peoples--since that was always an offensive
name anyway) became known, THAT was the part that got
everyone all bent out of shape!

Comments from every breed and age about how 'they' act and
how 'they' are taking over. Bits like "You know how they are"
and gloomy catastrophizing about the future of the store, the
quality of the gas, whether the fried chicken would stay, and
what the fate of the current store employees would be.

But all of it through that none-too-subtle veil of disgust and
stereotype-based contempt.

I really try and give people the benefit of the doubt, but when
grown folks act like they've never left kindergarten or experienced
the world in any significant way, it's tiresome. And sad.

But mostly I just can't wait to liberate myself from the cultural
deathtrap and regressive nature of DEVILle.
Here's to goals.
Educating people is no longer on that list.