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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are Both of Their Two Faces Changing?

These 'changing' times!

So the Catholics are seeking to restructure and put on a new face

(since they lost so much of the old one, double-sided one,)

and of course it wasn't the pain they caused or the immorality of

their 'beliefs' and postulations that led to their supposed

about-face, but the loss of attendants (i.e.,

money, the true spine of the business of peddling Catholicism.)

(By the way, NBC News reported a few weeks back that the American South

and Latin America are the two areas where Catholicism is spreading most.

Not surprising; the two areas most filled with backwards bigots who enjoy the

Dark Ages. I imagine the dogma is popular.)
Republicans are looking to reinvent themselves and go back on all their

prior positions so that they can get back supporters and funding.

Who knew that 'morality' was just a cover story, and they were really

petty power-hungry despots targeting the lowest common denominators?

(Well, pretty much everybody, but why quibble.)

Who knew that morality was so easily bought and paid for...

or that it would be 'unpopularity' that was required to end decades

of immoral behavior on behalf of the church and a political party?

The devil can change its outfit, but you'll always know him

by his song and dance. And now we truly know the depths of their

cantankerous convictions; we know what's in the hearts of

these meek and lowly souls. "Any means to an end."

Good to know.

(Or, more to the point--good to not know them.)


Friday, April 19, 2013

They Won't Subside Until You're Frantic & Screaming

Ricin letters mailed to the President.
Fertilizer explosions...'near Waco.'
Terrorist bombs at a marathon.
All within 2 days time of one another.
Probable attack from within.
All connected?

I don't bring these things up to worry and
work your nerves over. It's not designed to incite a riot
or be the 'first' to make the most outlandish speculative
nonsensical charge. I don't even have a conspiratorial
angle to push.

But rest assured, many do.

No, I mention the possibility of connection to say
that there is nothing new under the sun.

Even IF all of this week's events turn out to
be more than coincidental, and even if there is
some vast network of dissatisfied people
working against America (big surprise!)
it will certainly not be the end of the world,
nor anything remotely close to it.

Whatever the day brings--
we got this.

None of it is as Big and Scary and Unknown
or Insurmountable as the people who really
stand to profit from your fear and loathing would have
you believe. Stoking the fires, planting the seeds,
revving our engines, inundating us with worst case
scenarios and the like.

The shocking thing is that in a topsy turvy world
like this, this sort of crazy doings doesn't happen
more regularly. Makes it seem even more
wild when it does pop up from time to time.

But it makes more sense that it's all connected,
and that we narrowly avoid disaster on a daily
basis. That's just the way of the world.
Getting worked into a frenzy over it is a choice.

Don't let the fear-mongers and puppeteers
send you into orbit with their imbalanced horseshit.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thank You For Disregarding Me

Background checks.

That's all we were asking for; routine, protective, preliminary background checks.

Tell me again how the NRA doesn't have the schmucks on the right by the balls!?!

Maybe we need to do some background checks on bank accounts?

's cool.

Now this shit's bout to get
realllll Fugly up in here.


Idioms, Idiots, & Idols...Oh, MY!

Openly promoted child abuse? It's allrighhht! (Evidently.)
There's no regulation going on for procreation--
ANY damned body can have a baby and abuse
and neglect and indoctrinate that kid like a muth'...

But people are screaming, crying, gnashing teeth and
fighting in the streets to keep me and mine from
getting married!

(And I mean married TO ONE ANOTHER, you
scumbag un-douched whore, Ann Coulter.)

Yeah, that's America baby.

Where the Freedom to be as-stupid-as-you-wanna-
be has wrought a horrific mess of Apocalyptic


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nowhere to Run: The REAL Terrorism Threat to America

Shit, I ain't scurred of no

I'm an American, dammit!


(At least a bomb gets the
government's attention and
a quick response.

Why do THESE people
get away with pure evil and
negligent homicide?)

Oh, riiiiight; I forgot.
It's got to be an attack from 'the outside'
to be considered true terrorism.

Although I don't think you can get
much more 'outside' than these totally
worthless fuck-wits.

Proof that there's no redemption for some.


Monday, April 15, 2013

(Pay)-Check Yo'self, Fool!

"Ha ha ha! It's Tax Day, Bitches!
Or as I like to say--WHO GIVES A FUCK!?"

Just a reminder:
Be legit...
If your name ain't 'Mitt,'
you must submit!

(Cuz only money
keeps you from gettin' hit!)


Monday, April 8, 2013

Day Late & a Dollar Short

"Ding Dong,
the Witch is dead..."

I'll save my sympathies for the millions
fucked over by her policies who never recovered.


Instead of remaining a 'simple' matter of excessive
 force and unjustifiable homicide, the murder of
Trayvon Martin has become a litmus test for the
personal politics and racism in our sick country.

It is now about a small town's perverted sense of justice.
It is now a case of money and standing buying leniency.
It is now a horrible miscarriage of justice.
It is a defense that is a ludicrous and cruel joke.

The demonization of this young man is disturbing and wrong.

And to think, this never should have happened.
If only an unwell, privileged, armed thug had stayed in his
house and not stalked a young man.
Trayvon was guilty; guilty of being black and free.

Trayvon Martin is dead for no good reason,
and you or I could just as easily be next.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

GOP presents: "America...The Advertisement"

                                              (Paid Political Advertisement)                                     

Get your pretense on, y'all!

This here's one of them Ads-for-a-Forthright-Truth-like Appeal-
for-Change sorta things. Or did we decide on 'Some-kind-of-
Bullshit-Club' Until we Decide the Next Bogeyman we can throw
hate at?

(Naw, we don't know what it means either; it was put together
by crafty Republicans. You know them and their empty words.)

America's natural resources--the thing that keeps our great
and powerful nation strong....the thing we need in order to be up
and running every day--they're diminishing.

No, not that namby-pamby liberal horseshit like land and water,
or--pfft! clean air! (Chicken little much, pecker heads?)

No, we're talking about Discrimination practices, duplicity,
deception, emotional manipulation --the backbone of our country.

We've strayed away from that, and this last election made that
sad fact abundantly clear.

So we've rallied together to fight to get our country back.

If anyone tells you that anything besides dirty Big Business
and corrupt special interest groups are what
keeps this country captive by the balls, well,
they'd be a damned liar. And that's just what we
need more of; white washers, con artists, and all
around scallywags.

No, we need to go Backwards to what made this
country great; Legalized Racism, Zero Tolerance for Homos,
Women in the kitchen and the bed only, killing off the
indigenous people, wild and drunken abandon with guns,
and child brides!


Don't let any of these crazy liberals fool ya into
thinking that 'progress' is a good thing; we all know things
are great just the way they are....or at least,
the way they were!

Package it right, and you can sell anything!

(Paid for by the Lying-ass Cater-to-the-rich nutball
circus-of-clueless-wonders known as the Republican
Party Extremists and Religious Control Freaks on Crack)