Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mediocre Friday Tres

"Grrrl, pleeze!
Get down off that cross, honey--
somebody need the wood!"
(Like for building they broke ass a home,
or making wooden spikes to finish off
your erstwhile followers, or making the
world's tiniest violin so we can accompany
the Religious Reich while they cry about
how abused they are! Sniff sniff!)
Punk ass bitches.
If they wanna be you so bad, I say we
start the crucifixions TODAY!!
-Georgia Unity

Mediocre Friday Dos

Blaine: We gonna rock it like Mardi Gras, y'all!
Antoine: What'chu so danged happy about?!?!

Blaine: It's 'Good Friday,' Boo! You so silly!
Antoine: What's so good about it, pray tell?

Blaine: This is the day that we talk about muscular, good-
looking activists being persecuted for their beliefs....while
half-naked, mind you! And then everybody kneels at
they feet! And then...we eat fish.

Antoine: Uh...Excuse you! You had me up til the fish part.
Ms. Merriweather does not touch the fish, thank you!

Blaine: Come on now! Where's your sense of adventure?
Why don't you just try a little taste. If you don't like it,

the taste and odor will pass over....in a few days!
Antoine: Mmn-hmmmm!

Antoine: Okay, give me a little bite.
Blaine: Now you KNOW that ain't right! But here's a little fish.
Chewwww it....chew it.....now swallowwwwww.
Come on now...I know you can swallow!

Antoine: You better stop! You bout to make me choke!
Blaine: That sound about right! Now what you think of that fish?

Mediocre Friday Uno

Sometimes the Fiction is Stranger than the Truth.
(But Nothing Beats the Evils of Religion for
Inappropriate Imagery and Impact, so stuff all the letters of protest!)
-Georgia Unity

Friday, March 22, 2013

Heads Up

Surely the South is well on
its way to rising again!

Here's a helpful hint:
Always bet on the group that
embraces their arrested development
and champions actively devolving!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Pop!" Goes The Dividing Line

Exactly when 
did the hordes of dangerous crazies 
take shelter behind the pretense 
of religious conviction? 
And why are the rest of us 
allowing the farce to continue?


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hell's Belles

So which of these self-important pricks will get to dance with the Devil at the Ball?
"Devils with their red dresses, red dresses, red
dresses, devils with their red dresses ON!"

Well, the gala event is almost at a close.

Thank goodness the Catholic church did us all a
favor and bought all the media outlets in the
country this past month, lest we would have had
to do without 24-hour-a-day romanticized coverage
of the cult's ritual's bullshit.

Yup, it's been a news-blackout as some
news-anchors drooled over the beauty
of ceremonies and architecture like hasn't
been seen since Katie Couric used to interview
big-name actors.

Promenading, flowery puff pieces with no backbone
and zero bite as the networks don't want to
piss off the wealthiest and one of the most
prominent businesses of our time; the thought-
control soul police of the 'Christian' church.

The media blew off as an after-thought the
'allegations' of the church's sex abuse crimes.
(Allegations? Sell-out bitches, PLEEZE!
They just paid another dozen-or-so million out to
silence a bunch more victims in California.
Attention: Child Rapists; the Catholic church
is the place for you to go!
Even in America, the walls of the church are
equally as safe as the vaunted self-regulating
sovereign country/state of Vatican City!)

Well, every good host knows the way to
enjoy a good soiree is to just sweep the
dirt under the rug; there's no way to get
everything clean in time for all the guests we
want to impress.

As for that smoke...
Blowing smoke seems to be what these
smarmy bastards do best.

Yay. (Yawn.) There's a new Pope.

Someone to carry on the same-old traditions
that the murdering Crusades spent so much
time and energy on in spreading the 'loving'
word of such a kindly deity.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Badge of Honor

Remarkably, the Boy Scouts use 3 fingers.
Personally, I've only ever been able to handle one.

the Boy Scouts of America, a time-honored
institution representing only a portion
of these United and free States of America,
we the duly self-appointed Clan of Conformity
and Conservatism do hereby present this
Certificate to establish the traits we love and
respect most of the Scouts.

* Creating a necessary divide in the citizens of this country.

* Promoting the myth that homosexuals are second-class
citizens, incapable of upholding the Scout traditions.

*Failing to uphold the very character traits you supposedly
subscribe to and no longer instill in your charges.

* Denigrating the spirit of adult and juvenile
homosexuals by considering them separate and unequal.

*Continuing an American pass time with a
stain of exclusivity and elitism.

* Providing children with essential tools such as
judgementalness, condescension, prejudice,
and especially hypocrisy.

* Promoting the importance of living a shameful lie to
please othersrather than being honest and forthright.

* Putting a halt to the Homosexual Agenda's efforts to
create solid, integrated, healthy lives for all their generations
rather than allowing us to teach them how to suppress
and despise themselves.

We, also proud Americans beholding to the Christian
morals this country was founded on, applaud your efforts and
stand by you in your ongoing fight for honor.

The Ku Klux Klan of America

Another venerable old institution dedicated to
keeping this country great! "


Monday, March 4, 2013

Inner-Sins of Youth

So young...
So violent...
So unstable...
So arrogant....
So selfish....
So quick to act...
So foolish....
So inexperienced....

Yes, America still has a lot to learn.

And like most abrasive kids,
we don't know half as much
as we think we do.


Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1st: Weak in Review!

Nicki Minaj obviously has a fairly
liberal contract with 'American Idol,'
even by Hollywood standards!
After Thursday night's drama, it's clear she's not
contractually obligated to stay on her bipolar meds,
nor to stay off the heavy drugs!

"The former Pope had no more rope,
his career is up in smoke,
but he cut a deal you can't even scope,
oh the Catholics--there is no hope."

The Oscars were...okay.
MaFarlane did better than I expected (which isn't
saying much) for the first bit, with the skits and
singing and dancing. His numbers were good.
But then it lost steam and floundered, devolving
into the low-rate one-offs he's known for. Meh.

(My predictions for wins were at precisely 50% correct.
I'm losing my touch, too! But a lot of great films and
performances got some extra attention, with my husband
Ben's movie winning best picture--Yay!)

Tips For Robbing Banks in Donalsonville:
Don't steal a vehicle they know the tag for.
Don't try and escape down a long-ass no-side-road-havin' street.
Don't try it middle of the damned day.
And most importantly, don't be black!
(These crackers are looking for an excuse to open fire!)

Here's the real lame duck; the wimpy Boehner can't get
his unruly party under control.
But it's still "Obama ruined the economy...
Obama's pushing his agenda....Obama won't force a compromise!"

How about a pay freeze for Congress until they make a damned
right decision?
Oh wait--that wouldn't work...they're already in the pocket
of all the big corporations. They're taken care of for life.