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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Double-Speak; Still Nothing to Say

Defending the American ideal against 'Tyranny'
and oppression--Says we need 'less government'
as he clutches his little pistol.

Still thinks queer people are second-class citizens and
the government should regulate our civil liberties.

That's Republican-speak for
"Let's just pretend I'm credible and know
what the hell I'm talking about!"


A Much Deeper Problem

Okay...I truly assumed that this whole mess would
have been unraveled/revealed--or even more
preferably, completely blown over--by this point.

But since it hasn't, let me make a heartfelt plea
on behalf of this besieged and very disturbed young man;
Leave Manti Te'o alone before y'all drive this poor
closeted kid to commit suicide in order to cover up
a secret he obviously can't deal with yet.

Homophobia is real and severe, and it creates
a lot of schizoid people in this world, who do
a lot of foolish things.

But when people who hate who-and-what-they-are
get backed into a corner and they aren't ready to
divulge, they delve deeper into their secrets or
they take what they feel is the only way out. This
sense of desperation and unrealistic outcome is
not uncommon for someone who has built up and fed a
 fantasy for so long.

The fear and undesired dissipation of their longtime
false identity is truly psychosis-inducing.

Now I realize the world at large doesn't
care one whit for one less homosexual in
the world, but can we not just agree that
the media scrutiny on public figures is
too damned much, and pull back off of this
non-issue before it leads to tragedy?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

300 Million Judges, Juries, & Executioners

The thing is, when you have a cache
of guns and a million pieces of ammo,
it's probably because you see threats where
none exist...so having weapons to "defend yourself
against threats" becomes problematic.

Every gun owner I've ever known was an
extreme paranoid, an aggressive problem-starter,
and quick to whip out those damned KILLING
MACHINES like they were toys and holding them
 was no big deal.

Perception is a prickly beast.

Everybody thinks they're the good guy;
An armed nation would mean every person
with a gun, an attitude, and a grudge feeling
justified to use force because they 'perceive'
that they are threatened.

People's perceptions are often wrong.


Americans & Guns:"Bowling For Columbine" complete documentary...

The gun control debate and subsequent upset is by no means a new issue.

Here, Michael Moore's documentary "Bowling for Columbine" expertly
showcases the gun culture of America, how we compare to other countries,
and how we came to be in this predicament.

Worth watching, whether you're upset over Sandy Hook or you've been
upset all along.


Friday, January 25, 2013

"The Administration" full movie

The short film I was in locally, "The Administration" by
King's Men Films, is available on YouTube now.

I can't link you directly due to 'sharing' blocks,
but follow this link and then scroll down to
"The Administration: The Movie" to watch!

"Thank you for your support!"

( .25 cents extra fee for those who enjoy
seeing bound bears in wife-beaters getting
abused by gunmen!)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Every Body Part Scrutinzed

Boehner best be glad that all she did was roll
her eyes. If that spineless, weepy, prick
had dissed me in front of the world on
my man's day, I'd have bitch-slapped the
pale right off his empty, thick head.

There would have been some expensive
furniture moving around up in there.

You GO, Michelle, showing that restraint
for that ignorant putz.

Hey--look at it like this, 'news' crews with
absolutely nothing of value to report;
the FLOTUS is the representative of the
people, and she is supposed to do what we
would like for her to.
"Bitch, pleez...mind yer bizness, and your place, L'il Johnny!"

And I guarantee you the rest of the country
is tired of Ol' Johnny's nasty ass, and
wished we could--at the very least--
roll our eyes to show our disrespect.
(What's his approval rating these days?
Ten percent?)

On to more tepid worthlessness in the headlines;

Singer's voice was prerecorded.
No shit.


Quit giving over time to the Haters,
because they got served.
And they just can't cope.

Inauguration 'too expensive?'
Yeah, I'm sure Romney would have footed his own bill...
or had cheese sandwiches in the grass in order to
keep spending down.

'Too much diversity present?'
Well, about damned time after decades of NO
representation. Times are changing.
Pull your heads out of your asses so
you can tell which direction to walk.

And then

Here's a body part ya missed:

(You tell 'em, O!
My sentiments exactly!)


Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Aim is a Little Off

(Except for the fact that
the mental and emotional
reliability and balance of those who
feel the need to 'cling' to either
has ever been in question.

That, and that wherever
clingers of guns
and clingers of religion go,
death surely follows in greater

And that religion and gun use seem
to go hand-in-hand, for some
strange reason. Hmmmn.

And except for how the
religious nuts and gun nuts have an
exaggerated sense of privilege that goes
along with their heightened disregard for others.

But, yeah...other than that...
there's nothing 'wrong' with it.)



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Threatening Freedom, Not Protecting It

"..From my cold, dead, hands!"

I'm far more fearful of a Gun Promoter
(who starts off a 'dialogue' by stating their
intention to use their weapon if someone even
suggests regulation on it) than I am of
the random public gunman.

And it would seem I am not alone.

America must STOP being held hostage
by the threats of the gun-obsessed among us.



I love that the 'thought-process' of
a Gun 'afficianado' is that in
order to come to a rational agreement,
we all just need to ignore the facts
and common sense and do what
they want us to do.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inaugural Imbalance

So, after Obama's last MAJOR faux pas of having
heretical Hate-monger Pastor Rick 'Li'l Dick' Warren
giving the prayer at his inauguration, I thought maybe
he would have learned his lesson from the blow back
of upset over his choice.

(Actually, I figured the pick was an effort to calm all
the squirrelly nut fanatics who were mad that he'd won,

So when I heard the news that openly-gay artist/poet
Richard Blanco was going to be the Inaugural Poet for 2013,
I was elated at the choice! (Silly, silly rabbit.)

Now we find out that Pastor Louie Giglio (yes, it does
look a lot like 'gigilo,' and I think it's no coincidence) is
doing the Benediction later this month. Benediction,
as in Benediction Arnold.....another sell-out faglione.

Now Giglio has a history of anti-gay speech under guise of
Christianity (Huff Post on Giglio) and, as we all know, the
people who are most virulently opposed to us...who make
an agenda out of proving how 'not gay' they are...are those
loveliest of lovelies, the closeted homosexuals of the world.
Those self-loathing, self-denying sorts who fill the churches
and political halls of the world.

(Now, be honest; when you saw the two pictures above,
could you tell which one was the 'out, proud, gay man and
poet' and which was the 'supremely anti-gay supposedly-
godly-spokesperson who likes privately sucking cock in
the confessional?' Of course ya couldn't.)

Well, balancing out progress with backwardness doesn't
exactly make it a wash, and it certainly doesn't make it
balanced and right. Oh well, O...we know you're not perfect,
but come on with the hate-monger affiliation already!

Stop tolerating and propping up these people; you should be
using your Inauguration to take a pointed stand against these
sorts of people in our society, even as they attempt to demonize,
vilify, and eliminate us from the world (except when everyone's
attention is turned on them, of course.)

It's counter to the message supposedly supported by the
Administration and you can't have it both ways. Time to stop
tolerating the religious cults' hate agenda and stand up against
them firmly.

Coincidentally enough, Giglio is on a 'mission' (targeted at young
people specifically (Mmm-hmmn!) with his Passion crusade, focusing
on ending human trafficking and enslavement worldwide! I'm busting a
gut! So you're spreading YOUR version on enslavement and mental
inculcation under the banner of eliminating other peoples' wrong-doings
of a similar order! Too rich...funny, even, if not so horribly, tragically

As of this last minute, Giglio is no longer 'on the program.' No word on
who reneged, but...since he was unwilling to give commentary on his
current feelings toward the LGBTQ community (which he refuses to be
a part of in the light of day,) I guess we can figure it out.

"Too much attention....chorus boys and hustlers....will start being
interviewed soon...must pull out!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HATE: A World-Wide Fad

Scott Lively:"Awesome! It's the blood of Jesus!"
Rick-the Dick-Warren:
"No, it's the blood of the humans I killed in his name!"

Welcome to the New Year!

And America's religion
and churches continue
with the # 1 U.S. export;

There's nothing that says 'Love' and
'Compassion' like imprisonment and
death camps.

But then, the cult of Christianity
hasn't been about 'Love' nor
'Compassion' since Jesus walked...
(and warned against making
a religion of his philosophy.)

Ah, it's wonderful to have
the pious, the self-righteous, the
criminally-insane, and the
ignorant in such high positions
of influence and authority
in this country!

Oh, Happy Day...