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Friday, December 27, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Not 'Political Correctness' We're Worried About

This man is not an important person.
He is, however, an influential person
(and our society has vast difficulty in
differentiating the two.)
His thoughts and opinions of homosexuals are
inspired by laziness, personal bias, clutching
onto ignorance, misinformation, and a man-made
book that has been used to perpetrate the evils
of man for centuries.
Here's why it matters what was said;
       This is the body of a gay man lynched and
burned to death in Uganda. It happened because these people
had similar thoughts and opinions to those of Phil Robertson
and his cronies.
Thinking someone is 'not as moral as' you are leads to
(false) superior thinking. Looking down on others allows
there to be less compassion for them. It sets up a slippery
slope; just look at how extensive the propagandist campaign
against the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and others Hitler
raged against. He and his man Goebbels used the repetition
of lies and use of fear to pit public opinion against those
groups long before he tried to physically harm them.
Brain washing.
Spreading misinformation and scapegoating people
leads to actions like this; action brought about by the
rhetoric, money, and teachings of AMERICAN
evangelical pastors and churches, who believe in an support
the idea of gay men and women as 'something less than'
and who see us as acceptable targets.
This is why words matter.
This is why political stances are significant.
These are the realities behind 'beliefs.'
Our lives trump your ill-gotten religious notions.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hot weather in December SUCKS!
I want my cold weather and
true Winter promised by the

(Of course, this is Georgia--can you hear
the indignant chorus of "What the hell's a

Friday, October 4, 2013


Forget outrage...
Forget disbelief...
Forget withholding their monies
or even firing these worthless, selfish
cluster fuck asses who have ILLEGALLY

Throw their self-righteous hides
for treason
and attacking the American people's
way of life.

Why are they enjoying the benefits
of a lop-sided double standard
running in their favor?

It's all good--keep it going.
This may be the final straw that
bridges the gulf between the American
public and incites violent action.

It's time.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

True Colors: "You know how THEY is!"

So, the big news for the week in DEVLlle (depending on
who you are, naturally,) was that ol' Daniel went and sold
his Sunoco franchise to a new owner.

And when the fact that the new owner is an Indian gentleman
(as in overseas, the Republic of India, South Asia locale) Indian
descent, not Native Peoples--since that was always an offensive
name anyway) became known, THAT was the part that got
everyone all bent out of shape!

Comments from every breed and age about how 'they' act and
how 'they' are taking over. Bits like "You know how they are"
and gloomy catastrophizing about the future of the store, the
quality of the gas, whether the fried chicken would stay, and
what the fate of the current store employees would be.

But all of it through that none-too-subtle veil of disgust and
stereotype-based contempt.

I really try and give people the benefit of the doubt, but when
grown folks act like they've never left kindergarten or experienced
the world in any significant way, it's tiresome. And sad.

But mostly I just can't wait to liberate myself from the cultural
deathtrap and regressive nature of DEVILle.
Here's to goals.
Educating people is no longer on that list.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ruin Everything


I used to love the names
'Rick' and 'Scott' tremendously.
Before the super-criminal and state-sponsored
hoodwinker thug Florida governor took office.

(I suppose I need to confirm him as the 'current.'
We had some doozies.)

Remember, kids--
Crime doesn't pay...
unless you're rich, connected,
and/or super-white.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Whatever Your Mind Dreams Up

It's open season on ANYONE deemed an

and if you know gun owners, you know they're
mostly some unstable, trigger-happy sumbitches to
begin with....a problem looking for a place to

I have the misfortune of working with Hitler Jr. a few
nights a week, and he is a Fox News aficionado,
believes he needs a gun strapped to him to feel safe
with the 'unruly Negroes' that come in the place of
business, and is an angry, tension-filled, privileged
prick who is resentful and paranoid.  ('Course, part of
that might come from his excessive drinking, but...)

'Stand Your Ground' is a bad, bad, bad idea,
giving leeway and invitation to paranoia and racism in
the minds of some already unstable folks who are looking
for a place to detonate.


Stand Your Ground..Against Racism

If you think that being in the wrong place
at the wrong time makes you
'equally culpable' for your own unjustified murder....

if you don't think race played a part in
the murder of Treyvon Martin
(like, say, the motivating factor in
Zimmermen feeling unnecessarily
frightened or making false profiling)...

if you assume guilt or criminal
intent because a teenager wore a
hoodie, was 'shooting birds' on facebook,
or smoked some weed .....

if you think the jurors did their best
and were not skewed in their viewpoint....

if you think that 'Stand Your Ground'
is a smart law and has no issues with it...

if you're happy that Zimmerman got off and
hopeful that it 'sends a message' to 'the rest of them'...

then you are definitely racist as fuck,
regardless of whether you realize it or
recognize it as such or believe it.

Because the insidiousness of racism is
that it goes from 'opinion' to 'fact' in
the mind of the person feeling the
discriminatory outlook...justified and
excused and assumed to be 'truth,'
filtering all new information and events.

Racism: The Great American Epidemic.

More people being infected by it doesn't
make it more legitimate. Get well soon.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Possum Patch

It's just a Full-Moon
Gawwwwwd-damn-that's some-fucked-up-shit,
"The Hell You Say"
kind of week going down right now!

So hold onto your shit
and don't be swayed by everyone else's
cover your ass and keep your head straight.

We'll make it through.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Short-lived Victories

"Supreme Court sides with justice and common
sense and defends personal liberties...(well, barely!) YAYYYY"

Next, please.

Don't get me wrong--it's tremendous movement.
But you know what a 'tremendous movement' means;
a bunch of shit is about to come out.

The landmark decision to strike down the "Defense of Marriage
Act" (ugh! Boo, Bill Clinton!!) is progressive and necessary for
our country to become part of the 21st century. But now
comes the Avalanche-o'-Crazy from all the religious nuts
out there who are gonna lose their shit.

It'll be minute-by-minute countdowns for the 'Destruction of
America' (for real, this time...honestly!) and all that typical
'End Times' nonsense.

There'll be scare tactics used to bilk old people and fools and
the superstitious out of their paltry means to help con men (and
women) "defeat the evil homosexual predators and deviants"
and yadda yadda yadda!

So batten down the hatches and prepare for some hysteria and
savage rhetoric like you have never heard before. And that's just
the start. With the tension in society now from the economy and
job losses and everyday stresses, it'll be easy to whip up some
good old-fashioned mob frenzy as a result of all the anti-gay
myth building that'll be occurring.

People are scared of what they don't understand,
and ignorant people have a LOT they don't understand, so...

If you think I'm blowing things out of control, you
have way too much faith in humanity and the human race.

What goes up must come down...
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...
and all that other jazz.
Or, to use a quote that more accurately depicts the assured drama;
"Fasten your seatbelts;
it's going to be a bumpy night."


Friday, June 21, 2013

A Lie, A Myth, The Truth; Depends on Who's Looking

Cliches aren't always cliches because they're true...
sometimes they're cliches because lies and myths
spread faster than the truth...or common sense.

The same goes for stereotypes.

Most same-sex attracted folks (whether self-identified
as gay/lesbian, bi, queer, or not labeling themselves at all)
are not bears or clubbers or twinks or any of a number
of limiting iconic homosexual stereotypes that most folks
seem to hold in their mind's eye as fact.

(Doesn't help that 'Church Folk' and conservatives
seem Hell-bent on furthering myth of the masses
based on the perceived sins of a few, but hey--
they're working an Agenda and making that money,
so we know that's not changing any time soon.)

Homosexual activity is a relegated act for most...
a sideline...a distraction...an aspect..
an occasional perfunctory engagement that
does not significantly impact the rest of their life
(in exactly the same way that heterosexuality
doesn't dominate into the lives of most opposite-sex
attracted folks.)

Homosexuality is also a lot more common than
the average person seems inclined to believe!

We can be celibate (despite the lies told,)
we can be monogamous, we can be content
to only seek companionship semi-regularly, we
can be living as heterosexual with no one the wiser.

We are truly everywhere, and most of us are unknown
since people only identify us through garish offensive
stereotypes, and cease looking at fully-realized humans
in front of them.

Despite not needing to deny our sexuality nor hide away,
even openly gay and proud activists can think about sex
with the enthusiasm and regularity of an oil change.
(Which is one reason I have a sticker on my bathroom
mirror reminding me to 'seek out a blow job in 3 months--or
3,000 miles, whichever comes first.')

What you think you know may not be reality at all.
Thinking it true doesn't make it true...
Believing it likewise...
Hearing it from many people also doesn't confirm squat.

Look with your own eyes...
listen with your own ears.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Network of Double-Standards & Practices, Deux

So, here in America at least, there's the idea
that freedoms are so precious that no matter how dastardly
and deranged the protesters or malcontents are...

Memphis KKK rally
...no matter how insidious or violent-minded their rhetoric...

Militias and Religion; a match made in Hell.

...no matter how steeped in psychosis and untruths
and extremist tendencies...

Tea Party unveils new slogan: "A-durrrr!"

...and no matter how they undermine the America way of life...

....there should always be preserved the right of all
people to gather and spread their toxic ideas, and
not to be hindered by authorities or constrained by
government policies.



Our nation's rich history of equality at work

Police (and others) prepare for Tampa's 2012 RNC
Oakland's Occupy gets gassed by cops
Cops ready to protect the world from free speech and protesters
(well, against anti-Republican sentiment, at least)
Oh ri-iiiight...
America, Home of the  Brazen,
Land of the Partially Free...
depending on what side of the crazy-fence you fall on.

That good old apple-pie double-standard.


Friday, May 31, 2013

Network of Double-Standards & Practices, Un

The Halliburton Profit Scheme, a.k.a. "protecting overseas investments"
Another Brainiac moment, relying on illogic and
avoidance of reality;

Let's keep worrying about all the overseas
improbabilities and eternal entanglements of their
internal strife: Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and such....

...since we only have 1, 360 active, home-grown,
fully-armed, bomb-making, anti-government
American militias *, many with bases training
people to violently overthrow the nation in a
concentrated terrorist war.

(We even know their names, addresses, and a lot of
the details. That's called 'smart,' not 'totalitarian,' by the way.)

Yeah...let's allow that to keep simmering til
something definitively happens, while we continue
shipping troops overseas and spend billions to police
other countries. (Political distractions make for better
news reports than sociological realities.)
Sounds like a plan, Stan.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Never Shackled Again

It's 2013....
 and a poised, dignified, educated,
 classy lady of color is still largely
disrespected as an 'uppity Negress'
(polite version) by the actually ignorant
masses and haters.

Maybe the South did 'win,'
(such as it is.)

Keep on rolling, Michelle...
and doing your good works.
Let the rabble-rousers
and the smoke-blowers keep
on clowning. We know the truth.


Friday, May 24, 2013

This Weak's Noose

Nathan "Let's Make a Deal--with the Constitution" Deal

The Gov'nuh released a statement over the "Bibles
removed from all Georgia state parks and cabins as a
result of complaints" non-issue. It should have gone
something like this:

"I have done prayed and prayed, and in the truest
heart of little sweet an' innocent baby Jesus' shed
blood, I cain't for the life of me figure why folks can't
have the Good Word in their rooms! So to help save
the lost souls who pay money to stay in state-run housing,
I have reinserted the Lord's Laws back into those rooms!

And until such time that a special committee can meet
(when Hell freezes over,) to determine what needs to be done
(since having religious documents supported by the state's funds
is a complicated, hard-to-figure issue beyond my pay grade,)
that is where I intend them to stay! Cuz next to the Lawrd, my
word is Law! (Well, actually, since it's all interpretation, my
word is the same as his 'word,' so..)
Thank goodness there's no other issues this week to
distract me from my work on The Lawrd's payroll!"


Friday, May 17, 2013

Redundancies and Revisitations: "Church Hags"

Ol' Marfa

By way of introduction to my retreading old shit--
by which I mean walking a mud hole on some old shits--
let's first revisit Friendship United Methodist Church in
sunny Donalsonville, Georgia...once more the origin point
for some First Class, Grade A, Evil Hags from Hell.

(Did you happen to notice the painters on the cherry-pickers
a few weeks back? Yup--putting a new paint job on all the
white paint on the joint. That's right--gotta make sure it
stays niceeeee and white....don't want that fading!)

L'il Beth
So, there is a "Seminole Woman's Club" here in town.
No, not a "women's" club...a "woman's" club. And
since there's nothing else to do around here, my poor
old mother asked as to how to join the club, since all the
members of her book club are also engaged in this "woman's"
club (since the membership of every group in town is essentially
made up of the same dozen or so old biddies.)

First, one hag calls over another hag to 'answer her question
more thoroughly.' That leads to her being given some bullshit
answer about how the group doesn't always meet at the library,
so that might be confusing. (Well, bitch, no one asked where
they met--so obviously you're the confused one.)

Then another witch gets called over, buck passed.
This one says the meeting room capacity is only 36,
and that's how many members they currently have.

Well, uh...WRONG for starters; the library meeting room
has a capacity of like 200 people. Of course, the same bitches
that are in this club are also on the library board, so....
(You know they have to have their nose in every damned
bit of business!)

Ohhh! Classy! Elitism--a white woman problem.

So then yet another 'member' gets pulled over to hem and haw
some more to both my mother and another non-native outsider
who has also expressed interest in the group and its meetings.

This last one explains that the group is exclusively comprised
of church members of the Friendship United Methodist Church
and therefore someone who isn't a member couldn't possibly join!

To which Moms inquired in astonishment, alongside the
other newbie, "How is anyone supposed to get to know
anyone if you have to already be involved to be allowed to join?!?"
Well, obviously, that was 'Tough Titty, Miss Kitty' blow-off time for
these fumbling retards who poo-pooed the whole thing and trailed
off to their next meeting of some grand importance.

(Whew! Crisis averted; non-believers and lesser-knowns
avoided at all costs!)

What exactly is it about this delusional bunch of old bitches that
makes them think their shit doesn't stink? What are the particulars
of their very obvious problems?

Cuz here's a newsflash for 'em if'n they hadn't figured it out;
Y'all from little old hole-in-the-wall, Georgia, Population: Dropping
Fast Like Flies. A dollar extra in your bank account and your nose
up in the air do NOT qualify you as anything more than insane elitist
snobs. It doesn't give you the basis for elitism...no matter how much
exclusivity you surround yourselves with.


Most of these old bats are so close to being in the ground, or going
back into their sarcophagi with their dusty decrepit bandages, I guess
they won't be changing their ways. And the bottom line is this: if
THAT'S what the group is comprised of, then certainly no one else
wants in to begin with! Thanks for the heads up!

So, the only question is--since these old hags have phased themselves
out, who will be willing to start up an inclusive REAL Women's Club
of the Seminole County area....one that isn't a bunch of stuck up old
dinosaurs looking to fake relevance by exerting their small town 'power'
over their intellectual and character-filled superiors?

Step up.

(Oh, and is the county-funded library actually allowed
to house groups whose membership is not open to the
public, or that practice exclusivity based on certain
prerequisites? I guess that means the KKK can hold their
meetings there, too! Never mind--I guess they already do.)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Past is Doomed to Repeat You

"I GOTS you!"

The South--like too-close families or relationships past
their prime but not yet pronounced dead-- is like quicksand.

Once it pulls you in, you ain't going nowhere.

And on the off-chance that someone pulls their
sorry, soggy, sauna-ruined behind from the bog
and sets themselves free, they'll be endeavoring to
escape from the grainy residuals and crumbs that
stay cemented in your nethers for a lifetime.

The stinking, sickeningly sticky mantra of your former
fellows coming back to you from the verge--
"You can't get far. I will always be with you."

(That Southern specialty of curses buried in
hospitality and concern.)

Such is the haunting and the burden of the
specialized forces who are reluctantly Southern.


Saturday, May 11, 2013


King George Bush, Puppet Supreme

Clarence "Uncle" Thomas

Big-Dick Cheney

Little Johnny Boehner



Anita "Ain't-Nobody-Got-Time-for-That" Hill

Michael "Bringing-it-Hard, Keeping it Real" Moore

Dixie "Speak Your Mind, Stand Your Ground" Chicks

Bradley "We DESERVE to Know" Manning

Hillary "Telling it Like it Is, Won't Back Down" Clinton
Don't let "My Little Pony-Shows"
get it twisted for you.

The Truth may not be popular,
but it's always the best policy.

And we're watching you when
you can't seem to follow suit.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are Both of Their Two Faces Changing?

These 'changing' times!

So the Catholics are seeking to restructure and put on a new face

(since they lost so much of the old one, double-sided one,)

and of course it wasn't the pain they caused or the immorality of

their 'beliefs' and postulations that led to their supposed

about-face, but the loss of attendants (i.e.,

money, the true spine of the business of peddling Catholicism.)

(By the way, NBC News reported a few weeks back that the American South

and Latin America are the two areas where Catholicism is spreading most.

Not surprising; the two areas most filled with backwards bigots who enjoy the

Dark Ages. I imagine the dogma is popular.)
Republicans are looking to reinvent themselves and go back on all their

prior positions so that they can get back supporters and funding.

Who knew that 'morality' was just a cover story, and they were really

petty power-hungry despots targeting the lowest common denominators?

(Well, pretty much everybody, but why quibble.)

Who knew that morality was so easily bought and paid for...

or that it would be 'unpopularity' that was required to end decades

of immoral behavior on behalf of the church and a political party?

The devil can change its outfit, but you'll always know him

by his song and dance. And now we truly know the depths of their

cantankerous convictions; we know what's in the hearts of

these meek and lowly souls. "Any means to an end."

Good to know.

(Or, more to the point--good to not know them.)