Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sho' Nuff

So, this man is soley responsible

for all the ills and misfortunes

in your little world, eh?

It's called 'projecting'...or

'scapegoating,' dear, and--

oh, never mind--it's a waste of breath!

Foolish people

can't be made to see clearly.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jumping Off More Than a Fiscal Cliff

It's gotten to the point that people are ready to push conservative
fanatics off a real cliff. Now, as 2012 comes to a close,
is 'Stupid' finally on the wane?

I'm certainly not one for false hope, but, after a few weeks
of disastrously moronic, insensitive, ridiculous, and insane
commentary and actions from major conservative
Republican Party members...
is it possible that the tide has finally turned, and
Americans are sick of stupid people running their country?

Let's start with possibly the most egregious and most ignorant,
talking-out-of-his-ass moment by far, the press conference held
yesterday by Wayne La Pierre of the National Rifle Association,
and his delusional crackpot theory that a further abundance of
guns will help kill less people.

Not only did he blame everyone possible other than the NRA for
the tragedy and the mindset of shooters, but he took NO
responsibility as a gun owner/promoter/collector/nut for
the tragedy in Connecticut. He's so far gone he didn't realize
he was putting on a PR faux pas the size of King Kong in what
was designed to be a heroic position!

Also quite fresh is Little Johnny Boehner and his failure to deliver the
compromise to bring Republicans to the table on a resolution for
the fiscal cliff. But it's all still Obama's fault, even though the majority
of American's polled (CNN/ORC) this week feel the Republican
Party is too extreme, and earlier this month, another poll
(NBC/Wall Street Journal, 12-13-2012) showed that only 19%
of Americans thought that Boehner and the GOP were capable
of solving the fiscal cliff issue!

This morning on CNN, a Republican rep was saying that
the failure to deliver a solution
 was not John Boehner's responsibility!?!
WTF! Uh, yeah...it actually is his fricking JOB! It's what
he was hired to do, but it looks like it's another four years
of stone-walling and bullshit for politics' sake while the
little guy suffers.

No, Republicans are saying that they won't raise taxes even
on millionaires (Plan B) because they don't want to be seen as
having raised taxes at all. Translation: They are obliged to their
rich donors and it doesn't matter how small a percentage of the
population it is as long as they have that money.

Because really, what could be more absurd than letting taxes
raise for everyone in order to avoid raising taxes for a small
percentage, and using the excuse that you don't want to raise
taxes at all?!?

Just more ridiculous smoke and mirrors, bait and switch
nonsense from Republicans. Do wrong, then blame Democrats
for doing what the GOP is actually guilty of. As long as it gets
in people's heads and confuses them, they win!

Then we've got all these hardcore 'religious' assholes who are
hell-bent on imposing their agenda on everyone else, while
playing the victim! (There's some more of  that deliciously
devilish, rank irony and duplicity for ya!)

Rick Warren and his lot are determined to convince the
world that gays and lesbians are the bane of all existence,
even going so far as to blame homosexuality and 'godlessness'
for the school shooting in Newtown (full article.)
 These people invoke the name of God while there is nothing of
light or truth or kindness anywhere in their souls.

And people are getting to the point of having had enough!

(By the way, loved having Shamu there sit on the interview chair
across from Chelsea Clinton and harp on the need for
congregants to be more fit and healthy, this week, while
he continues to balloon and rot! I guess that's more of
his "Do what I say, not what I do" philosophy that is so
popular with narcissistic, pretentious, power-hungry control freaks.)

People are getting fed up with the high level of 'unstable and crazy'
that has permeated and festered in the Republican party
for these last two decades. They're finally sick enough of
the hubris and the disregard that they are finally getting
organized and vocal in response.

So, maybe as we enter a new year, we can (of course) count
on the extremist Republicans to continue shooting themselves in
the foot--but not before they stick it in their mouth. And then,
maybe, the tide will just turn and we'll see some moral and social
responsibility become their focus, as opposed to merely
fiscal responsibility.

Which--just a reminder--they're not doing so hot with right
now, anyway!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Uh-oh! Why is Mrs. Claus Smiling?

Ohhhhh...I see!
Santa just found her Christmas Wish List!

Hey Santa...what's on that list?

Santa says:
"Well, okay...it says here she'd like
a pearl necklace...
a motorboat...
a Hummer....
stocking stuffer...
a tea bag... (hmmm...that's odd...)
a rusty trombone...
a dog in a bathtub--what the--...
a double fishhook..
Hey...wait a minute...

"That's right, fat boy....and I don't want it til
January 1st! So no rumbling about being too
busy or too tired. You've got a whole week
to rest up for Big Momma!"


Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Stupid Bitch of the Year" Awards

Forget Bawbawa's "Least Interesting;" this here is the
real deal...the Dumbest Bitches. And Yes, Rihanna, honey...
once again you hit Number One! (And evidently are too stupid
to care that it's not something to be proud of!)
You beat all the competition out this year, honey;
Ann Coulter, Ann Romney, Victoria Jackson, and all
the rest of the thrice-used douches.

I mean, you are correct, dear;
"Tain't nobody's business."
('Unapologetic' my ass.)
But that lyric has been sung before, and better.
Yes, a retread...just like your tired, ignorant ass
cozying up to a punk that beat your ass senseless and silly.

Not our business?
Then quit being in the public eye.
Stop flaunting the controversy.
And when he whoops you like a dog again, don't
be on Oprah and Barbara Walters crying about it.

It's bad enough you're ignoring the impact that a
person such as yourself--who clearly markets and aspires to
be a revered person by youth--is making such an incredibly
stupid decision which will teach all these young girls that
being knocked the fuck out isn't sufficient reason to stay
away from someone.

No, in addition to that message, you're showing
pride, and indifference to others' concerns.

Worse yet, you're using the quagmire to market
and promote music; you're trying to make money
off of getting back with a woman beater.

I wash my hands of it, and hope that others
will too. First time someone gets hit? It's a crime.
If you go back after he hit you? I'd hold you down while he
whips that ass.  Maybe you can get some sense beat into you.
No, it is our bizness if you take your crazy ass down
to the boxing match and get the dumbness slapped clean
off your ig'nint face. You are --like it or not-- a hero and
an inspiration to young girls, and this is intolerable.

I hope parents will boycott you. I hope they'll sit down with
 their kids and explain why you are troubled and unacceptable.
But what of all the girls with no concerned or involved parents?

I would expect radio stations to do their part and be
responsible to the community, boycotting both you
and the dopey midget's 'music.' After all, Michael
Jackson was panned and banned by disc jockeys everywhere
after he faced allegations...a fate which has befallen artists
from Cat Stevens to R. Kelley to the Dixie Chicks, as
public sentiment has turned against once-popular
artists for a variety of reasons.

But alas, like you, they're only in it for the money.

Certainly you and the pussy have proven you are not
appropriate influences for children or other
impressionable folks!

Your 'man' has never shown remorse, and regularly
threatens other women and encourages his
followers to do the same.

I would go from calling you RiRi to CrayCray..
but someone might mistake that it was short for
Cranium, which clearly it isn't.

Go on back to his criminal ass.
Hope you survive the experience.

If there's any justice in the world, your career won't.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

World AIDS Day, 2012

Because it has NOT left us, and
its impact never will.

It's a strange sort of thing, to have lived with and
been affected by something for so long, and yet
so many others never give it a moment's notice.

Still, here in the South, decades after the onslaught
began, people are wont to speak of sex or disease
in any context, ever. Misinformation, fear, shame,
and complete cluelessness about the ongoing existence
of this disease (and how easily it could be halted)
are the norm.

More than ever, this is a socially-spurred disease.

If people won't speak about sex, sexuality, and consequences
due to puritanical judgmentalness and fear of their own
bodies...it's a disaster waiting to happen.

But I always come back to all the good people
lost forever. Beyond all the politics, the anger,
the resentment, and the cultural bullshit, there is
that one simple reality; the permanent loss of
good people I will never see again.

And all of it avoidable.

Over 6,000,000 people lost to date worldwide.
Hundreds of them known to me, grieved by me,
including a handful of my dearest friends in my life.

More than 33 million people
currently living with HIV/AIDS worldwide

I wish I had a time machine.
My world--and the whole world--
is lessened by the departure of these
Best of the Best.