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Friday, September 28, 2012

(Some) Truth in Advertising

(annnnnd, now for the rest:)

"We should; We own it!
Now, elect us so we can rid it
of all the undesirables!"




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HURRY!Time is running out!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Noose Weak: All the B.S. that's Shit to Print

The Weak in Review!
What better way to celebrate the last week in Schlep-tember
than rewinding with a bevvy of schleps!

Ryan booed by AARP attendees!
Who says old people don't have full use
of reason and faculties!?

Mitt Romney ad appeals to 'patriots' and 'those who
oppose Obama' along with scare tactics and
appeals for urgency. Meanwhile, still no word on what
magic wand Romney's campaign intends to use to make all
of his Promises of Perfection come true.
No platform. No plan. Only Pretense and Promises.
So, business as usual.
Romney releases some tax returns, proving he has nothing
in common with most of country, then a secret tape of him
gets released (Full Tape Here) wherein
he disses half the country. 'Reporters' and apologists
spend rest of the week asking why his 'private thoughts'
are such a big deal to everyone. (Yes, really!)
Sad, delusional, tortured, and just plain bizarre
Rupert Everett lashes out at his fellow gays
by blasting gay dads.
Oh, Rupert, you old hustler...that's so
"Boys in the Band" of you.
(Speaking of, I think that's around the last time I heard
of you being in a movie.)

Poor Whites' life expectancy lessened, again.
Sure, let's elect a guy who'll cut Medicaid, cut Social Security,
give breaks to millionaires, doesn't know--or care--about
the struggle of the lower income people, wants to eliminate
affordable health care, and won nearly 'Last Place' for
job creation during his time as governor.
(Or, better yet, don't vote at all.)

Outrage over Voter I.D. law changes heats up; 
Most reasonable people are able to comprehend how
the laws violate civil rights and are imbalanced
in favor of Republicans.
 Iranian President Ahmadinejad proves he's
a nutter stuck in the dark ages....
..yet, surprisingly, even with similar views
to Romney, he's still more popular than the
Republican nominee!

(By the by; mentally-incapacitated Ahmadinejad
promotes that homosexuality is 'ruining the world'
by ceasing procreation. Um, quick reality check--
gays and lesbians are more prominent than ever,
and yet the world population surpassed 7 Billion last year
(and continues to grow unchecked.)
We can't handle what we have now, dunce.
But keep talking that baseless smack, dumbass.
Iran is certainly a shining star in the advancement
of civilization!)

And, just for shits and giggles, some good news:

Glee is back, and not a moment too soon!
I needed some singing, dancing, gratuitous beefcake,
and lost-souls-to relate-to instead of the usual
squawk box cacophony!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Republican Voter Fraud Exposed: Steal Back the Vote

This is a really spectacular abuse of the voting right and process  that has not
been covered nearly as diligently or with as much outrage as is its due.

I think I'll let Sarah oh-so-eloquently express my feelings on the matter, and
give the blow-by-blow on retaliating.

Please make sure you show this or tell this to everyone you know!

Quick recap:
NO photo i.d. on election day--NO Right to Vote in 12 States!
 * Out of state driver's license not valid.
 * Some student i.d.s not valid.
 * Social Security cards not valid.

 * Firearm License valid
 * Current, in-state driver license valid
 * State-issued picture i.d. valid (so go down and get one TODAY, and
     don't let these oppressive ass wipes get away with this horseshit!)

And if you don't know whether you can get to the polls on election day,
get an absentee ballot TODAY!

Because there's absolutely NO correlation between the states that
passed these new fascist laws, the people they've targeted to disallow
to vote, and the people they've given extra options to vote! Nawwww!


Friday, September 21, 2012

The Whitest Guys in the Room

No...No, that's NOT a compliment.

'Dumb and Dumber' are hitting their stride by
continuing to delineate just how hapless and lacking of
real plans they are.

Only to the increasingly schizoid Republican front,
and their gang of armed, delusional, wealthy, elitist
goons seeking to control and devalue the rest of us.

"Thanks...but no fucking thanks."


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vote "NO on 8" in November, Florida

The confusing wording and premise of the upcoming
Amendment 8 in Florida has a lot of folks unsure of its true
intent....and the ramifications, if it were passed.
Certainly, intentionally-misleading ads have contributed to
the confusion as well.

The Amendment, under pretense of protecting
religious freedoms, would actually show favoritism for
religious schools, and give the governing bodies an
unchecked capability to donate taxpayer dollars
at will, without approval of the public.

Keep Church and State separate;
Vote "NO" on Amendment 8 in November.

For more information go to

The King Thanks You For Your Amusements

"'How much does a gallon of milk cost
right now?!?!'
Nigga pleez...
I own the damned cow AND the
whole mother-fucking dairy farm!!!"


Lumbering Along A Dying Route

I'm not exactly sure how long you can milk a 'story' about trees

getting planted, but I guess the local glad-rag is set to find out.

(And unnecessarily killing a lot more trees in the process of

discovering their miniscule reading public's threshold for interest,

I might add!)

Personally, I haven't met anyone who gives a shit, nor expects it

to be the salvation of Dvilles's extinct downtown district.

Probably helps that the owner of the paper is owner of most of

the downtown area, so he has a vested interest in it looking good...

but still...Damn!

(Maybe we could get some talking trees; that'd be worth the hype.)

I guess our fish wrapper is more of a "No Actual News is Good News"

sort of source. Pity.


Yup. Still a Stepford.

"Can I...be to speak, now?
Light...so bright...when eyes this wide.
Lips...parched....someone help me.....
 trapped in...loveless marriage...
cult...house with psycho....
who am I?"

Don't ring a bell or sound a buzzer too close
to her. You never know what she might be
programmed to do on command.
She might go all "Dollhouse" and
wipe out a city block.

It's always the quiet ones you have
to worry about.


"A Kiss is Just Amiss..."

(Inside Smitt: "Closer...closer....just
like we practiced....no one else
knows I'm picturing young boys...
I can do this....smile  and
imagine the glory and the power
if I can just maintain the illusion
a little longer!")


A Smidgen of the 'Real' Mitt Romney, revealed

Here's the damning bit.

The anti-Obama supporters rant starts at 2:45, but the entire thing is
mind-blowingly crazy. Be informed and check out the insanity.

So, Smitty inherited nothing? Never used any rich contacts or
his name or a dime from his parents? Yeah, right.

Smitty wants 20,000 troops stationed in Iraq, folks...
say goodbye to your sons and daughters! (But not, of
course, any of his private sector kids.)

"We use Ann sparingly right now so that people don't get tired of her."


Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 11th

This last week...

A radio commercial for a remembrance of the 9/11

terrorist attacks asked 'average people' what they

intended to do to remember and honor the victims

of the attacks.

One woman said she intended to volunteer at her church.

All I could think of is how 'time spent at a church' was exactly

what got us into that mess in the first place.

The enemy is attacking from within, and it's far more

 insidious than any foreign country, or a different

point of view. 

See with new eyes. That's how we avoid more tragedies.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Art of Bullshit and Double-Speak

And their freakish toadies,
the 'Tea Party!" (ugh!)

All for 'smaller' government,
not so small that it can't still;
 regulate and legislate other people's marriages,
regulate tax breaks for the wealthiest,
deregulate the entire business world,
eradicate environmental protections,
control women's and gay men's bodies,
impose and sustain wiretaps,
expedite the expelling of immigrants,
erode the rights of blacks, and
permanently undermine (and condemn to death) 
the poor, the sick, and the uninsured.

GO, Double-speak!