Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Shits Just Keep on Coming

Maybe you've heard about the raging debate
regarding the anti-Obama commentary/ad,
"2016: Obama's America."

If not, here are the low lights; a
conservative, right-wing, propagandist
experiment in scare tactics and mudraking....
a nightmarish speculative designed to feul
anxiety and fear.

Picture that Goebbels were alive and well,
doing PR for the Republicans. Add to that
a slasher film, internet trolls,
conspiracy theorists, Christian zealots doing another
end-of-the-world fiction flick for the already-brainwashed
(spearheaded by that simpering Dolt, Kirk Cameron,
of course. Yes, it's that level of stupid and predictable.)

Picture Rush Limbaugh's keen world view made
flesh. Add some race war promotion, some birther
 insanity, some baseless conjecture and
one-sided predictable bashing.

Dinesh D'Souza, the 'brains' behind this ordeal,
is a conservative evangelical Christian, with a skewed
view and a history of trying to undermine the President.

It is not a documentary; it is a speculative, masturbatory,
deranged piece of propaganda, one part of the smear campaign,
from all the usual players (or, more accurately,
usual suspects.)

One of the chief accusations is that Obama's father and his
radical nature live on in Barack and are leading to the
deconstruction/destruction of America from within.
Ironically, the Republican 's actual agenda for
manifesting such a coup is never mentioned.

The highly charged hyperbole and conjecture
is the same as it has been for the last 4 years;
"The world is ending! The sky is falling."

The conspiracy theories spouted here
are of an old and frightening tone; promoting that
Obama was reared and influenced by
terrorists and Communists and all manner of
spooky, unsavory, anti-American bogeymen
who influenced his every move and motive.

(You can almost hear the Amos and Andy-style
commentary whispering in your ear, "Whoo-Lordy...
We's told you to be carefuls with them Nigras!")

I would very much like to see the list for who
bankrolled this production. It's got all the
over-the-top venom and outlandishness of
Trump, Limbaugh, and Robertson at their absolute
worst. Not that those guys are hard to come
by these days.

This dredge is all about one thing; attempting to
(once more) establish President Barack Obama as The
Corrupter, the biblically-forewarned devourer of
this 'great nation;' the anti-Christ.

It is disgusting and puerile, even treasonous.
Pathetic and heavy-handed, shockingly out of touch
and craven. A dirty tactic, even for those immersed in
dirty tactics. Lies told often enough are still lies.

Obama haters are always accusing the President of
'bashing' his opponents because his record on policy
can't stand. Seems that's actually their favorite tactic.

Go see this conspiracy flick if
you're in the mood for a 'legitimate rape.'


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let the Sausage-Fest Begin!

Republicans are all right!
They only hate women, the poor,
blacks, Hispanics, gays, and
pretty much everyone else not white,
male, rich, and conservative
because they have some real
issues of their own!

(Not the least of which is a
shit-load of closeted,
self-loathing, denial-based queers
who will sell out all the rest of us
for their own power and placement.)

Mark Foley, Jim West, Tucker Carlson.
Marcus Bachmann, Ken Mehlman, Ed Schrock.
Charlie Crist, Philip Hinkle, Paul Babeu.
Larry Craig, Mark Kirk, Jeffrey Nielsen.
Roberto Arango, Chris Myers, Andy Gipson.
Ted Haggard, Bob Allen, Glenn Murphy.
Jim McGreevey, Greg Davis, Aaron Schock.

These are just a handful of the closeted homos
who maintained staunch Republicanism
on all things anti-gay in their positions as
senators, congressmen, governors, and so on.

(Yeah, a few were outed or came out,
which doesn't erase the abuses. It's so
pathetic and disgusting that it would be
darkly humorous...if not for all the bans and limits
on rights, the cutting of funds, the promotion
of hate and bias and myth, the questioning
of our humanity, and the delivering of contempt
and hostility.)

The sex industry (legal and otherwise) in Tampa
is getting a big boost this week, thanks to all
the extra dough that wealthy, closeted, sell-out
queers in the Republican party will be spending
locally while ostensibly down there for the RNC.

Yes, Isaac isn't the only thang blowing into town, hon.

Break our balls in the evening for the cameras,
get sucked off by young boys in the wee hours.
America; you gotta love it.

It's a sickness within the Republican party, this
duplicitous, dualistic, repression and phonyness.
And of course the straight boys in the GOP are
cool with 'it' as long as you keep completely mum and
successfully convince the public that your marriage
isn't a sham. And have enough money for pay-offs.

I wonder how much the RNC paid off TPD and the
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department to keep
the lid on all their Down-Low adventures this week?
How many favors will be owed to the City of Tampa to
sweep would-be arrests under the rug?
To keep the normally active undercover Tampa cops from
performing pick-ups or stings or entrapment?

Hell, this year's Republican rush for the nomination
seemed like a casting call for an all-gay movie;
Perry, Romney, Santorum?
Y'all definitely protest too much.
It definitely takes one to know one,
and no matter how much smoke and mirrors you use,
you all have the Mark of the Fag.

And Miss Ryan looks to be the biggest 'Mo of all.

I understand that self-hate is a powerful thing,
but if these tired queens would put the energy
and power that they put into finding and sucking cock,
into living their life well, it'd all be good.

(Cuz there's no secret to hide if you're only
thinking about doing something, right?! Mmm-hmnnn.)

Happy "Subversion of All Things Right and True"
at your little Hate-Fest and Masquerade Ball
this week. You're only fooling yourselves.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"O" Knocks It Outta The Park!

"I didn't set out to 'run Smitty into the ground,' but..
gosh darn it, he makes it so amazingly easy!"

PRESIDENT Obama knocked it out of the park with his
impromptu press conference yesterday.

He deftly laid
out how the Republican position on women's rights is
no more sane than Todd Akin's, even if not quite as
publicly decried.

He questioned, in response to unduly
severe criticism of his campaign ads, why
Mitt Romney has trouble releasing tax documents as
all other presidential candidates have done
(and then quoted Smitty's Daddy to drive the
point home.)

Whoopsie! Well, finally some truth in
advertising, anyway!

Here's the rub;
WHY is it such a big deal?

If you have nothing to hide, prove it by
being transparent!

Obviously Romney is scared of his complete

detachment from the average American being fully exposed.

This is the guy who wants to run the most influential country
in the world, and he refuses to play by the same rules
as everyone else? In order to cover up what one has
to assume at this point is wrong-doing and

And, by the by, where are all the rabid dogs like
Rush and Trumpy to demand and go ballistic
in the public eye, calling for truth in advertising,
never satisfied, never relenting?
Oh, right...that was only in regards to blocking

our current President over a birth certificate
red herring.

What are you hiding, Smitty?
And with all this money at your disposal,

should it really take this long to forge old tax documents
and pay off IRS agents to 'legitimize' them?



Friday, August 17, 2012

Tampons, Get Ready For A Blood Bath!

A big empathetic shout-out to all my old Tampa buddies;
my beloved hometown is preparing for an unnatural disaster
worse than any hurricane.

The Republican National Convention is preparing to ascend
from the pits of Hell and take over the city.

Just imagine the likes of Nimrod nitwits like Pat Robertson,
Pat Buchanan, Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter, Bryan Fischer,
and Sarah Palin all in one place (though she's bowed out!)...
and thousands upon thousands of their jackbooted thugs in tow.

Florida has a pretty crazy political history anyway, what with
electing Numb Nuts like (Jeb) Bush, Crist, and that current
Shit-Fuck, Rick Scott! And let's not even get started on the
2000 Presidentials.

Hey, by the way...did you know that Mac Dill AFB in Tampa
is Central Command, meaning a hub of extreme importance?
It's a continuous target for air strikes and nuclear weapons
from any foreign terrorists.

Many will be concerned for personal security in the days to
come, figuring that this many high profile people in one place would
make for an especially delicious target for terrorist activity. But
I can guarantee no harm will come to anyone from outside interests.

Whereas the RNC might be a grand target for a Holocaust-level strike
to take place, it'll never happen.

Foreign terrorists want to destroy our country; allowing the
continued, exuberant, insidious presence and existence of the
Republicans does far more to destroy us from within. It would be
counter-productive to their goals for foreign terrorists to destroy
our home-grown terrorists.

I just hope ol' Tampa Bay can get rid of the stench when they're
gone. This'll make the power plant, the Bay, and the phosphate
mines seem like a rose garden.

So big Props to all; I know my brothers and sisters will have a
formidable presence on all social fronts in protesting the pigs and
the 1% in the week to come.

Be sure and take plenty of private video; the media blackout
will be in full effect. This will be like trying to get footage of
uprisings in Egypt--or the early days of the Occupy Movement--
onto the big news outlets. There's a shit storm of nonsense and
propaganda coming your way....be ready.
For more Real News Coverage, see WMNF


Thursday, August 16, 2012

If You Can't Stand the Heat....You Still Gots to Pay the Piper!

For all the freaks of nature like Brian Brown
and Pat Robertson and Tony Perkins..
pay attention!

(Yes, Tony is the closeted gay man who starred
in "Psycho"...oh, wait, no this is the one who runs
the hate group, the Family Research Council...
well, I see how you could get them 'confused.'
He's all about the confusion.)

See, it isn't the fault of the Southern Poverty Law
Center that you're being hailed as a hate group--
it's the fact that it's true!
Your actions did this!
(Awww...I know...no responsibility and
no clue...that's you guys' motto!)

National Organization for Marriage: Feel the Love
By their stripes shall they be known,
and you insane, hateful, single-minded,
lying sacks of shit have been running
things unopposed for so long,
you just don't know what to do with all
the backlash of late.

Well, get the fuck over yourselves;
people are sick of your tired, crazy,
simple-minded, prejudiced bullshit.

Take your heads out of your asses,
shove that damned Bible up there instead,
and get a life. Quit worrying about
things which don't concern you.

See, I call a spade a spade.
And it's always the way that it's a bunch of
self-hating loony closet-cases who become
preoccupied with other people's
lives and genitals.

Bryan Fischer, American 'Family Association hate
monger, who is calling for 'Christians' to kidnap
children from gay parents (see link for article)

(That's okay, though: Stay in the closet...
we don't want you, either.)

They call you a hate group because hate is
what you produce Tony. You're an angry, spiteful,
misinformed, lying manipulator.
You have nothing to do with any teachings of
Jesus, you are a hate group, and you will be stopped.

A Note to the shooter:
Damn, girl!
Wait til they're having their meetings,
why don'tcha?!?
That security guard didn't hurt anybody!
Plan better next time.

Stick your hand in the fire, Tony,
you're bound to get burned.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Size Queens

"What do you bring to the table?"
Here's the rule of thumb for everyday life;
You want your wing man or best bud to
have a smaller dick than you.

Because standing next to a smaller dick always
makes yours seem larger, merely by

It's all relative; even if the two of you possess the
two smallest dicks on the planet, it's a moot
point because when he's the only other guy
in the room, you have the 'biggest' dick.

(Plus it's great for an ego-boost.)

Tweedles Dee & Dumb
In politics, however, it goes the other way.

If you're already a Big Dick, then in order to
'win friends and influence people,' to come out smelling
a little sweeter, you want an even bigger dick standing
next to you.

And thus, a Veep is born.

All who figured that Romney would go with a sweetheart
in order to make his harsh, unlikeable, inhuman
qualities more palatable couldn't have been more wrong.

Anyone who presumed he'd do his best to sway
women, blacks, Latinos, gays, and other losing
or questionable segments by choosing a slightly more
tolerant and liberal candidate....you got pawned!

(And of course, they're counting on the 'Hunk Factor' to
sway the truly ignorant. Oy! You think me wrong? Show Ryan's
pic to an uneducated person and see if they say "Ech! Horrible
on social issues! No go!" or "Wow! He's cute; he gets my vote!")

The Republican Party got it wrong;
This is not what is meant by
"Whoever has the biggest Dick, wins!"


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Read Between the Opposing Lines

What's interesting (yet not at all surprising) to me
about the Chick-FAIL-A support of homophobia
is the media response.

People asking why 'the gays' are so worked up,
trivializing the significance of the donations,
lampooning and deriding the boycott efforts, etc.

What's overlooked is the direct correlation between hate
speech (which is precisely what money spent at the
'restaurant' funds) and direct, violent action against
people who are LGBT.

Hate crimes, vandalism, slurs, work bias, school
bullying, ostracization in the church, etc.

There's also a direct link between hate speech
(which is always filled with lies, myths, and other
propaganda,) and the rise in self-harm incidents
amongst gays and lesbians and bisexuals...
particularly kids.

And try this on for size;
if a major business chain were giving
financial support to the KKK or a
neo-Nazi group that called for active
harassment and political leaning on the
lives and rights of black people or
Jewish people....well, obviously the tenor
of this conversation would be completely

Somehow, dismissing and making light of
gay, lesbian, bi, and queer/questioning folks
is still looked on pretty leniently in this country...
and that's a hell of a story, right there.


Twilight of the Oh-My-Gawds

The real love story?

Is there anyone out there who doesn't believe that the current
Robert Pattinson/Whatshername drama is all a big, staged press
fiasco just to put their names and the franchises into the public
eye? (After all, there's no such thing as bad press in Hollywood.)

Here's the thing; both Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson not only
seem completely gay, but there have been rumors about their
sexuality 'threatening' to come out for some time now. Seems about
the right time for a big heterosexually-charged scandal to reinforce
the 'straight' couple's supposed legitimacy.

Now, my radar's always been excellent. And it isn't just the fact that
Pattinson is English, or fey, or has long shiny lustrous hair, or plays
the whole somber-soul searching-wounded puppy dog thing so well.

It's not that Rob is artistic and sensitive and an actor.

It's not that he has smoldering onscreen chemistry with Lautner.

Well, maybe it is a combination of all those things. (And a dash of much
wishful thinking!) But really it just seems like another case of 'worst
kept secret in Hollywood.' Kind of like old Anderson Cooper. Or Shepard
Smith. Or Mario Lopez, Jodie Foster, Queen Latifah, Kevin Spacey, etc.

And really and truly, what does it matter? Who gives a flying fudgecicle?

Do we really need to be 'protecting studio interests' from national
homophobia as done in the days of Cary Grant and Rock Hudson with
faked studio romances? Are the tweens and old cougary women that
lust after these young heartthrobs going to be undone by discovering
that their sexuality is 'other?' 

Let's get real; if their suspension of disbelief is so poor that they have
to fantasize about only heteros, they're in deep shit. It's not like they're
ever going to actually meet--let alone get busy with--either of these boys
in the first place.

But I guess denial leads to fantasy which leads to hope, and none of us would
have a chance without a little of that.

(I hope the Lautner/Pattinson sex tape gets released in high-def!)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unicorns, Jabberwockies, and Southern Hospitality...Oh My!

(Carol Burnett as 'Eunice')
When did being Southern become
(erroneously) synonymous with sweetness, kindness,
and a hospitable nature?

("G.C.B." gets it right!)

People from all over clamor for the lovely nature
of 'those wunnerful Southerners...o filled with hospitality.'

Well, we're filled with something all right....
more akin to beans and hot air!

(The caricature in action.)

It's a B.S. Fest down here; a sub-nation of
shuckers and jivers and con-artists and frauds
and errant little boys and ne'er-do-wells.

But as long as we're smiling and slapping
folks on the back, it's all good, I guess!
(The reality laid bare.)

Yup, Jethro's pressing the flesh and story-telling
with a lost Yankee, chatting it up while the meth
lab is running, the stolen copper is stored in the back yard,
the moonshine is hidden away, the abused kids are
in the house, and the dog on a 1-foot-long chain is

 So, either the South has the best PR team (and source of
con men and charmers) the world has ever seen-- in which
case, can't we at least have something to show for it? That 'rise
again' nonsense has been a long time coming!--or the
world is full of a bunch of naive/stupid people who are
itching to be made fools of.
(Or maybe a little of both?)

As an insider, take it from me--all that 'impressive'
sugary magnolia honey-pie saccharine bullshit is
less than skin-deep. If superficiality were a
nickel, we'd all be millionaires.