Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

REALLY !?!?!

Ahhh..the face of sincerity.



That's your genius plan that you--and,

presumably your crack team of analysts who are
the best that money can buy--have come up
with for attempting to appear 'connected' to the
middle and lower class folks you want
to win over?

It's laughably pathetic, but I am heartily
grateful that you evidently have no sense of
reality and how you're tanking your own campaign.

Maybe it's just a matter of your arrogance disallowing
you from hearing or following advice of more
savvy advisers. I hope you're at least dumb
enough to post people around you that share your
ignorance. It'll be a done deal.

So much for Hitler Youth and
Springtime in Paris.

Mitt's plans for a Romney Nation
of fascism run amok is hopefully
still an insanity and cult-laden
pipe dream. But, this is America.

Stay tuned...

(By the way, goofball, using the
misplaced rhetoric of 'civil rights' in regard to
giving a portion of the populace the chance
to receive a superior education is not only
a misuse of the term, but a bastardization
of the concept.)


Friday, May 18, 2012

Storm Warnings

The President
may not be a Saint....

...but we SURE as hell
can't afford  another
White Devil
running things.

If you think things are bad now,
wait til a greasy, lying, money-hungry,
fanatical cultist with no connection to
the little people starts
shoving his religion and repressive
down everyone's throats.

You ain't seen nothin', yet.
Let's hope we don't.


Explanations Abound

In the spirit of full disclosure and
transparency, Mitt Romney's  campaign
released this photo of how the former
governor was discovered and
groomed for the political arena.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Competition for Last Place

The new bar in America has been set grievously low
in order to accommodate the mediocrity and
stupidity that pervades this country.

We have successfully ended competition and a
true system of rewards. Classes hand out
certificates for everything, jobs give out meaningless
titles, the media celebrates anyone and anything with
shock value--no matter how little effort or dedication
was invested.

Gone are the days of hard work and resilience and
actually producing something of value would
receive attention and accolades.

Kids receive awards for simply showing up to
class, treats for completing their work,
 and rewards for getting passing grades.
No more impetus of personal pride and
self respect or achieving goals.

Many children don't even have chores or
responsibilities in the home. Parents
allow them to care for selves and one another,
giving no instruction or compass to follow.

So the connection between how the younger generations
are being brought up and what the society on whole
idolizes is easily established.

People are getting lazier and stupider, and thus
are drawn to like-minded folks so they feel
connected and secure. Observing and being
(falsely) connected via computer takes precedence
over action, competition, accomplishment,
or striving.

There are graduation ceremonies for passing every
class, as opposed to graduating from an institution.

Candy and money and release from responsibilities
are the acceptable means of showing children they
have done well, instead of the more appropriate
and lasting glow of respect, admiration, and
one's own sense of accomplishment and pride.

No, we are building a generation of
weak and sedentary clueless wonders; they'll
have no idea what to expect in the real world,
and no means of coping.

Or will they?

They have all kinds of significant role models to
look up to and show them the way,
with such sound advice as;
* Money is all you need
* Bad attitudes get you far
* Privilege trumps hard work
* Knowledge is uncool
*Communicating well is a downer

The other side is that it isn't just how the kids
are being raised (or not raised, as the case may be,)
but they're getting their input and influence from

It's not just the images on TV that are corrupting them;
despite being prescribed one set of standards by
parents/caregivers, kids have always seen through hypocrisy.
(Why on earth would someone accept the
ridiculous provision of "Do as I say, not as I do."?)

The unreality of throwing a party every time
a child has hurt feelings doesn't soothe them or support them;
it creates weakness and isolates them from
developing skills that will help them handle
stress and hard times.

No more trophies for participation.
(Being left out is a part of life; teach them how to
address that instead of coddling.)

We lowered our national standards for what we call
obesity so we wouldn't have to address the truth of an epidemic.
We now say that 'young adulthood' is not finished at 18,
but has instead been extended to age 26, since 'kids' are taking
longer to grow up.
If kids don't pass tests or pass classes or pass grades,
we just lower the standards so they can.

(Or, like the state of Georgia, just commit mass fraud
on testing results, and cheat your way through
to the desired effect! And not everyone found
guilty lost their job--what kind of message
does that send about engaging in
inappropriate behavior.)

Illusion is everything,
and how it gets obtained or maintained
is inconsequential.

The appearance of doing well--that's equal to
actually doing well, right?

Sure. This is the Land of the Free, baby.
We're free to be as ignorant as we want,
and image is all we have.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not-So-Secret Service

Yup..the Secretion Service scandal...
the old Secret Cervix.
Gotta be careful of any group with the initials "S.S."

So here's the deal;
There is no real story here.
Rather, the idea that all of the behavior 'outed' is
anything new under the sun, is a complete fiction.

This is the big leagues; Good Old Boys Network on
a grander scale. Big, tough, macho, Type A personality
dudes doing dangerous, stressful work, and the culture
is one rife with sex, drugs, violence, and instability
as a result. Just like it always has been.

The military, police, secret service agents, spies,
and others--even high profile big guns like sports
super stars and musicians and movie stars--they
get a surreal sense of reality doing what they do.

Guns, long days, pressure; need an outlet.
I'm not excusing it, but it definitely is the prevailing
mentality that the excesses used to unwind are in
fact an acceptable trade-off for the services provided
by these people. That's a cultural excuse;
"Boys will be boys."

And it's a tale as old as time.

The spin is that after such a hard job, the BMOC's
are pent up and need a release....that they deserve
to 'blow off some steam.' It's par for the course.

And there's an entire network of accommodations and
apologists in place to make sure that such regularly
occurring events like drunken orgies and drunk driving
accidents and assaults and prostitution use and
rapes and murders get swept under the rug, all
neat and tidy. (Tail hook scandal? Alan Schlinder murder?
Pat Tillman? Military rapes covered up? Ah hell...just go to

No, the story here is that everyone is pretending
that this is new or news....that it is a political failure
on behalf of the President (hmmm...how convenient!)
and that this is something that only would have happened
on his watch.

Which tells everyone what they need to know
about the timing, the intention, and the level of
attention being focused on this matter.

The big deal here is discovery. Transparency
(well, sort of) in a world normally filled with
control and containment and pay-offs.

I know several politicans and CEOS who have
no problem creating a black eye for the country
and the office, as well as damaging the sense of security
for the President, if the outcome is that their man might
get in come November.

Where's that story in the mainstream media?


Progress, American Style

So, just in case you've been too busy scrounging
for a dollar, and have yet to flip your calendar;
it is in fact 2012.

But you wouldn't know it from the sad state of
the Public Library System in this country.

Here's an in-depth article about the new best-seller,
"Fifty Shades of Grey", and all the controversy it
has sparked. And, since the article was written,
you can add Alabama to the list of states banning the
book. (I give it a week before all the remaining
Southern states follow suit. Oy!)

As usual, the entire notion of bans is abhorrent to me;
if you don't like something, please feel free to refrain
from it. And gladly keep your children from it, too.

But do not presume to keep it from me in an
over-zealous attempt to create a police state,
free from any ideas or images you disagree with.

Likely, these are the same folks who wave their flags
with such conviction and tout how proud they are to
live in a country where they have the freedom...
to deny other people freedoms!

Ah, paradise!



The following is a great resource for listing
many of the more well known book bans, the reasons
behind them, and the history of banning in America.

An informed and well-versed citizenship is an armed citizenship.
I suppose I just answered why people want to control
what we read.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Credit Where Due

"Ya gotta keep 'em separated..."

During this election year,
let's keep a few facts straight
(or, likely, introduce them for
the very first time.)

Yeah, 'my man' Obama screwed
up with the bank bailouts, and in
keeping Bernanke/Greenspan on board.

But G.O.P. loverly George W.,
well, do you all remember what he
was up to in October of 20008?
His last ditch, 11th hour Hail Mary?

Well, he (BUSH,) set up the TARP plan
(to allow for such bailouts,)
and then passed a law allowing for the
$ 700,000,000,000.00
to bail out the banking industry.

And yet, somehow, lots of folks still
think the responsibility for the flawed
plan lies at President Obama's feet.

I'm sure Republican lies and Fox News
distractions have no bearing on that!

Just keep your facts straight for the
upcoming race. No, Obama didn't make
the right decision in pushing through further
bailouts, but isn't it interesting how the
move made by Bush received no resistance
and Obama's move gets nothing but criticism.

Things that make you go "Hmmmnnnnnn..."



The Real Education for every American.

(Most available via netflix,
or you can watch in segments on youtube.com)



The Real Education for every American.
(Most available via netflix,
or you can watch in segments on youtube.com)

(There is another 'Outrage' movie; make sure
you order the 2009 documentary by Kirby Dick.)

"The Corporation"


The Real Education for every American.

(Most available via netflix,
or you can watch in segments on youtube.com)

"All Jacked Up"

The Real Education for every American.

(Also great: "Super-Size Me"
(available via netflix,
or you can watch in segments on youtube.com)

by Morgan Spurlock)



The Real Education for every American.