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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sole Survivor

One bad thing about being raised by old people
is that they don't tend to last too long.
None of the folks pictured here--
with the exception of me, of course--
made it past 1990.

Actually, Granddaddy Johnson (the tall one)
was killed in the line of duty within a year or two of
this picture being taken.

Granny Grace (seated) gives a bad first
impression, as well as photo, but it was the pain
making her seem so discontent.
She was in fact an amazing person,
and more compassionate and kind than
anyone I've ever met.

There's a surreal nature to looking at
something from so long ago, to what
was true before a lifetime of changes and
losses. None of those people pictured,
including the little boy, exist any longer.

Dig the pink curtains in my room's window;
I guess some of the handwriting was on
the wall, even back then!


Monday, April 23, 2012

That's Your Lower Lip You Smell

Hey a quick shout-out to that particularly nasty wretched
whore from the Friendship United Methodist Church
(rhymes with 'Scrotum') and her demon-infested heart!

Honey, the only way you'll ever have Jesus in you is if
you swallow a crucifix!

And as 'Thanks' for you showing your ass in front of all
the volunteers and food recipients on Saturday, I offer you
my blatantly guilty-pleasure new favorite saying;

('Course, you might need a face mask, some bug spray, and
a flashlight...but get to it, Sour Puss! Ain't nobody else looking
for it!)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Isolated..in the Least

Picture of a Young Man
who should still be alive

The Trayvon Martin MURDER is, as a discussion piece,
a great litmus test for just how bigoted your friends and
neighbors are!

I have been discovering the VERY covert racial ignorance

(of people I've known forever) as a result of this whole mess.

Even had Auntie, who, granted, is becoming more unhinged,
launch into a diatribe about how "not all Klansmen are bad...
some are good and some are bad!" Because she ONCE knew
some KKK members who bullied an abusive dad into cooking
for his kids. (Hey...it's a redneck...you don't expect a Rhodes
Scholar response, do you?)

It's infuriating, frustrating, frightening, and more than a little
disheartening to see and read all the rage-filled racist insanity
that is passing for public discourse in small towns like mine,
where 'a' Trayvon Martin could just as easily have been a friend
or neighbor. Probably has been. Probably will be again.

One local paper (The Miller County Liberal, one of the worst, 
lowest caliber pieces of yellow journalism slime--it should be
against the law for them to call themselves a newspaper)
VILIFIED President Obama for weighing in on the case,
saying of our President:

"Aided by his ignorance of the situation, knee-jerk prejudices,
and tendency toward racial profiling, Mr. Obama played a
heavy hand in elevating a tragic situation in which a teenager
was killed into a full blown hot race riot."
And then, utterly inexplicably, he veered off into this bizarre
tangent about how he and the poor dead kid look so much alike
they could be father and son. It was election-year race-pandering
gone horribly wrong."

Wow! Did you see what he did there? In  addition to having
done too many drugs and living on another planet, he's accusing
folks who want to see the murder of this young man done justice
as being racists themselves. Thereby (not really) exonerating his
own crazed, racist, nonfactual rantings and misinformation!

And this from a relied-upon source of news and information in
a small community where things are already so backwards and
unrepentantly nutso. A paper which also boasts racist cartoons
and only anti-Obama rhetoric and Fox-News style hand-wringing
and falsehoods posing as information and patriotism.

It's a powderkeg issue all right; those who are racist and don't
like attention being drawn to it are similar in their venomous
retorts and protestations to closeted gay men when exposed;
their fear and anger is above and beyond what is merited by
the situation. 'Doth protest too much,' and all that.

Racism is as deeply rooted and prideful a tradition here in the
ridiculous South as deep fried foods and killing stuff. These are
communities of such isolation, limited growth, limited education,
incestuousness, poverty, false superiority, arrogance, ignorance,
defiance, anger, childishness, arrested development, shame,
criminal activities, double standards, paranoia, selfishness, and 
love of conflict--a culture of 'honor'--how will it ever change?

Not that this is true of every Southerner, but a lot. (I'd hate to
be accused of profiling.)


Bainbridge Firehouse Gallery

Iron City at sunset

Mommie? Yes. Dearest? meh...Not so much.

So, with all the Republican B.S.-Fest this last week following the
(supposedly) anti-Motherhood comment by commentator Hilary
Rosen, I finally have to add my thoughts.

First of all, the idea that women are--by nature of being women--
upright and beyond reproach, these gentle, nurturing, innocent
lambs, is beyond ridiculous.

So, too, is the advocated notion that women who bear or adopt
or--Christ forbid we forget Miss Bachmann--foster children, are,
by default, pillars of the earth.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let's think for a moment about all the wonderful mothers who
leave their babies in dumpsters or on doorsteps or who sell them
for a fix.

Let's talk about all the parents who keep a kid because it's a means
of getting a government check, child support, church handouts, or
other charity of some kind.

How about drug addicts and alcoholics who have kids and beat the
hell out of them, psychologically abuse them, deprive them, shame
them, expose them to who-knows-what?

What about the child sexual abuse and incest suffered at the hands
of mothers? Kids driven into lakes? Munchaussen by proxy?
Religious abuse? Home schooling?

I know people who have given birth--I call them 'Mothers' too, but it
doesn't have anything to do with childbirth--who are duplicitous;
acting like Mother-of-the-Year in public, charming and fooling every-
one, but who are the nastiest, most obnoxious, abusive, crazy pieces
of work at home with the vulnerable kids.

They use the pretense of caring about their kids to bribe and connive
people to give them money, gifts, and all kinds of assistance, none of
which the kids ever see.

I know law enforcement mothers who are Nazi bitches at home,
accusing their kids of everything and never giving a moment's praise.

I know business owner Moms who are never home and have siblings
raising one another, and kids raising themselves.

I know Mothers who don't even like kids, and every time they see
their kids or grandkids, they make it known.

Being a Mother doesn't prevent someone from being a total bitch.
There's nothing inherently special or praise-worthy about being a
procreator (or otherwise affiliated parent or caregiver.) It's another
one of our insane social illusions we refuse to challenge.

Ann Romney looks like she has about as much nurturing in her as a
baracuda. Let's stop pretending that attacking her is the same as
attacking the entirety of the female population, or the choice of
being a stay-at-home mom.

Let's also stop pretending that attacking the billionaire wife of a

man running for the highest office in this country is the same as
going after the disabled middle-aged woman who is struggling to
handle 3 or 4 kids by herself.

Hey, when they aren't busy defending themselves against so-called
'attacks' from 'haters,' women do a good enough job tearing them-
selves apart.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weakly News

The Weak in Review

Nutty Newt bounced a $ 500 check...
but he's still not desperate or unhinged, thank you
 very much!
(Let's hope the plastic surgeon doesn't come
to reclaim any of Wife # 3's work
for nonpayment! Uh oh!)

After fingering a bus boy at the NRA speaking
engagement, Dim-Wit Mitt offered to move his
head over slightly so he could pull a $1,000.00
bill from his ass, which is evidently where he keeps his
small bills, in order to help Newt (since the
Republicans are such brotherly sorts.)

He asked if President Obama was still interested
in making change.....(after mistaking him for the shoe
shine aide--who also fills in for Romney as
a live lawn jockey.)

Santorum quit the race under a very
convenient illness of one of the daughter's
that the milkman actually fathered.
Can we all say "Munchhausen by Proxy?"
I knew we could.

(Ya just couldn't ball up and admit
defeat without putting a fucking
spin on it, could ya, Rickety Dick?)

(Gimme a second to get my composure back.)
Mrs. Romney, still adamantly
opposed to the idea that she's 'really' rich,
was accused of 'never having worked a
day in her life' by commentator Hilary Rosen.

Rosen was then eviscerated by all sides for
'attacking' the institution of motherhood.

If anybody thinks this delusional billionaire
bitch was anything more than socialite
time-filler, or that anything less than a staff
of nannies, maids, tutors and chefs were
running the Book-of-Moron-believing-twits'
lives and wiping dirty asses and whipping
up grilled cheese, then you probably
think the above pictured smile seems natural
and inviting, too.

Be afraid, America...
The Chameleon is on the move.

And finally, speaking of the elite getting away with shit....
it only took almost two months and a non-stop
tsunami of backlash for the first smidgen of
common sense and justice to start appearing in
Sanford, Florida.

Where else but in America would you see a
former judge's son treated with kid gloves
despite a preponderance of evidence as to
the cold-blooded killing of a young man?

George Zimmerman was finally arrested and
charged with the death of Trayvon Martin.
This is only one such cavalier murder in
one such corrupt small town.
We'll see what happens.
I'm not holding my breath.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Under the Plastic Facade

Every day I am further struck by the awareness that we, the
'outsiders'--the strange, the status questioners, the miffed
and disaffected, the maladapted, the underdogs, the eccentric,
the downtrodden, the struggling--are, in fact, the majority....
not the shadowy minority, as often depicted.

Whether it's Hollywood or the media or politicians or CEOS,
those in charge of formatting the frequencies and controlling
the images seem fixated on having a particular image promoted
and preserved. But that image--of tightly wound, perfectionist,
size 2 women and size 32" waist men, of slick hair and white
faces and affluent lifestyles--none of it is real or representative.

This idea of the (not really) perfect life is a sham.

The idea of an 'ideal' or specific kind of winner is a false notion.
The idea that with money or a group of people backing us we are
'better' than when we follow an unpopular notion.

It avoids the struggle of existence.
It medicates reality.
It white washes the truth.
It ignores the greys and valleys.
It dismisses the normal inconsistency of life.

But it can't undo reality.
All the pretense and all the showboating doesn't change the fact
that we are, all of us, hurt and flailing at times, sad and confused
as a normal turn in the course of a day. Promoting an idea of a
flawless life devoid of these upsets is ingenuine.

This old quickly falling apart mudball we're on is covered with
an assortment of hurting, struggling, divergent, frightened, crazy,
wallowing folks with a variety of ailments, disabilities, secrets,
issues and problems. Our brokenness and disenfranchisement
are our real cohesive bond, and yet we spend time worrying
about all the so-called differences.

But we all have them, and it's far more pervasive than we let on.

I like to spend my time with the folks who aren't afraid to let
their freak flag fly....who let you see behind their armor. I can
tell what's what with them. I don't trust a person who seems 'on'
24/7, smiling and wheeler-dealing, posturing to impress.
Commiserate with me...don't try and consume me.

We're all in this together, and there's only one ending.


New Regime