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Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Ricky-Dicky-Taffy's new campaign song

I am officially announcing Little Ricky Sanitarium's new campaign
song, "Domino" by Jessie J and featuring Katy Perry!

Finally, the square is getting hip!

Now, to have some fun with it, see if you can find all the lyrics
that relate to Little Ricky! One point each!

(And, no, it isn't as simple as the 'down on my knees' reference...
although that is valid, so go on ahead and give yourselves a
free starter point.)

"Uh-oh, it's Domino..."

Somebody's headed for a fall.


Hyding in Plain Sight

(Sure you can, since the bitch won't actually answer you!!!)
(the original Dr. Jekyll)

So, Mitt the Twit, once more winning friends and
influencing people, or whatever the polar opposite of that is.

Last week at the 'Lickers Debate, he got all
haughty with John King, who was trying to get a straight
policy answer out of the ever-evasive
(or, bold-faced liar) Mitt's mouth.

He scolded King with the petulant remark,
"You get to ask the questions you want,
I get to give the answers I want."

Uh, only if you're emotionally retarded
and still in the fifth grade. Oh, right.

Needless to say, this complete lack of respect
for the process, the truth, journalism, the
public, straight talk, or 'being clued in' is
nothing new to Mitty. (In fact, he's delivered
that specific smug response before, in response
to other questions he felt he didn't want to answer.)

So it's no surprise that on FoxNews.com, they were
proud and delirious about this little asinine showing,
and in their little poll their viewers have so far voted
Mitty's response as overwhelmingly 'Inspiring,'
as opposed to legit alternate responses such as
'obnoxious,' 'crazy,' or 'scary.'
(I vote for a combo of all three of those last choices.)

A man who wishes to run the entire country,
who thinks he is beyond reproach, who thinks he
can have a secret agenda and not be culpable,
who snubs the most basic of fair questions in lieu
of being mysterious and smug.....only in America
would this kind of psychotic pissing contest be
considered a 'good fit' for the highest office
in the land.

Here, being a complete dick is evidently the
way into the viewers' hearts.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clear That Debt Up--Solve Multiple Problems

Here's an easy fix to the current economic devastation
in our country which--SHOCKINGLY--has not been
touted by anyone who wishes to remain active in
politics. (Panderers!)


The free ride is over.
No more untaxed bilked millions.
Especially since every one of them uses that money
to run campaigns for religious-based desires and
boycotts and promotion of their 'ideas.'

If they want the fruits of living in the most free country
in the world, pay their way like everyone else.

Quit letting religion get a break while the religious
are complaining about how bad they have it.
(Talk about distortions and lies!)

What they're doing is criminal anyway, and has
nothing to do with enlightenment or promotion of
human rights, so stop the insanity and the abuses.
Stop the preferential treatment.

Let's stop manufacturing a false notion of divinity
by kid-handling and unduly respecting these harmful
and questionable organizations.

If you want a real solution, do a real evaluation.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Queer Week in Review

Well, Ricky ("The Ejaculation") Sanitarium's rise in the poles
--er, I mean polls--
as well as his sweeping wins, has destroyed my Faith in
even the worst and stupidest of this country.....

My Family is not invalidated by your weak and misguided
interpretation of it, and likewise yours is not
superior because you believe it to be so...

and the Freedom everybody wants is freedom from
the imposed religion of crack pot closet case assholes such as
yourself, young lady.

Yeah...I think you're done here.

Well, in a week's time, Two-Bitt Romney has changed religions,
his view on everything (three times--not counting changing it
back to the original position,) he's officiated over
the undesired 'conversions' of a dozen corpses,
and he got six blow jobs from unnamed fellow
mid-life crisis putzes in the men's restroom.

Also, a great new joke regarding Romney made the circuits;
He's running for Presidential nominee!

Okay, okay....the new joke is:
"A conservative, a liberal, a moderate, and an undecided walk
in a bar. The bartender says "Hi, Mitt!"

(By the way, there are plenty of excellent works on the
exposing of Mormon's founder Joseph Smith's
extensive con-artistry and charlatanism...
just google it for a chuckle!)

"Boo" to Jon Stewart for his nasty remarks towards
Glitter Bombers. The equal-opportunity lampooner
referred to those hitting the Re-pube-lickin' candidates
for their anti-gay stances as being 'petulant children.'

Although not the most effective campaign, the
non-violent civil disobedience of G-B'ing is intended
to bring note to the violence and prejudice being
promoted and sustained by these powerful, rich,
exceedingly stupid white men who are above the law.

The message here? Cuteness is no longer appreciated.
 Just bring a fucking gun and use it.

Nut Granny-Grinch continues to rake in millions by feeding
off his rhetoric regarding gay marriages' evils and the
Pink Threat posed by us queers. True to form,
his own actual evil deeds are left off the table.

Ah! Who's this strapping young conservative prepster?
The gay Andrew McCarthy? A new Mormon stripper?
Liza Minnelli and Paul Lynde's love child?

Nah! It's Michael Berry! Conservative,
Republican, anti-Muslim, Texas-based (ugh!,) uptight
who is claiming that he has been framed for a hit-and-run
accident in Houston a few weeks back.

Why 'framed,' you ask?
Wait for it.

The hit-and-run, in addition to being illegal,
of course, took place during a drag show....
outside of a gay bar.... in a gay neighborhood.

Now there is video footage from the bar that's been released,
in addition to the eye witnesses, the physical
description, the car being identified,
and the license plate being copied down.
Big surprise; no investigation pending,
no charges filed against the right-winger
with political connections.

Sissy Elton John Update;
still a pussy, still a fraud, still ugly as sin
and threatening to continue aging 'not at all well,'
still megalomaniacal, still hypocritical.
Move on, honey.

So, who's this fetching Queer fella trolling
the man-for-man forums on craigslist and such?
Super out activist? Hustler? Closeted Republican Presidential nominee?

Naw, sillies! It's Sheriff Paul Babeu! The super right-wing,
anti-immigration Arizona sheriff from Pinal County.
(I'm gonna go out on a big, thick limb and assume that's
pronounced 'penal.')
He's pictured here with..oh, come on--you can finish
my sentence for me! You can't make this shit up!
He's pictured here with his Mexican boy-toy,
the barely legal (age) and not-at-all legal immigration
status lover of afore-mentioned dutiful sheriff.

According to reports, after the sheriff was caught
cheating on his boyfriend, they broke up. The sheriff
subsequently threatened to sue, arrest, and deport
the young man--and his brother-- for potentially
causing problems with his future lovers, his position,
and his bid for congress.

(You might know ol' Paul from his appearance on
white-supremacist radio shows (including Fox News,)
 his support of John
McCain with the 'Danged Fence" ad against illegal
immigration, or his conservative tough guy stances in other media!)

(Did I mention that 'Sheriff Seeking Brown Border Boy Love'
is also a Romney campaign co-chair? Well--whoops!--
not anymore, obviously!)

And, finally, THANKFULLY, some positive news
for the week in gay!
Matt Bomer, star of 'White Collar' and the upcoming
"Magic Mike" movie (yum!)
came out this week, via awards show and article
and press release!

Open, proud, cards on the table, living free.
That's all we can do; Thank you, Matt!

Now, until the Re-pube-lickers announce their
mystery last-ditch candidate, I'm outtie!


Bloody Mary

Why the 'blood' of Baby Bejeezers
won't be enough to save you in the
real-world E.R.
So you've seen the ads calling for blood donors, telling
how having sufficient and diverse blood products on hand
can make the difference between life and death for folks
in an accident or facing surgery.

Well, not nearly enough people give blood in this country,
and we're always at low levels.

But the Blood Services organizations still discriminate
against gay male donors. They still deny the opportunity
to known (and that there's the key) gay and bisexual men
to donate blood, even though the testing process for HIV
is highly sophisticated. Supposedly. (And thereby invalidating
resistance to any donors.)

I asked a contact at a Blood Services provider in a
neighboring state (who shall remain nameless because
they would not speak on the record, for reasons about
to become evident,) why the ban on gay donors exists if
they have the technology to test the blood for viability
of use. The contact was unable (or unwilling) to state
clearly, but did admit the testing is not 100% accurate.

So, I asked, if testing is inaccurate, then isn't the testing
of all the blood sort of a moot point? Of donated blood,
how do you possibly determine presence of HIV (or any
of a myriad of other diseases that makes blood contam-
inated?) That's when they admitted that they are really
dependent on the questionnaires--and people's honesty--alone.

(*For those not acustomed to giving blood, you are
subjected to both a live Q&A with a nurse/nurse
practitioner/etc as well as a written questionnaire, set
to determine the deepest and most intimate of all your
comings, goings, identity, predilections, history, and so
forth. Travel, sex acts, drug use, living arrangements,
and more are grist for the mill.)

You're putting the lives of millions on the line with the
magical thinking that the American public is going to
honestly answer intimate questions about socially un-
comfortable information? In the hands of an inaccurate
testing procedure?

Here's the rub; the people who are the potential problem--
the IV drug users, the down-low men, the closeted Bible
thumpers, promiscuous bisexual men, married men and
women having secret affairs, etc.-- these folks are
NOT going to admit their private activities on a question-
naire that is attached to their name and identity! Especially
in small towns! Or the South in general.

Especially when many times, families and coworkers go to
blood drives in groups! Come on!

So either the testing is reliable or it's not; if you're willing to
chance lives on all the folks who lied about their activities (in
order to squeak by and cover up their secrets,) then why not
'take a chance' on the HIV negative, the sexually celibate, the
safe-sex practicing civic minded folks who want to be a part
of their community and contribute--and happen to be gay?
(And, it bears repeating, are honest about it!)

The answer; There is no good reason.

What was imparted to me, though, was that it's politics and
P.R....that essentially the questions and the policy remain
because the public is still homophobic, and people feel safer
about the blood supply when the idea that there is a ban on
gay men donating exists. Even though that's not scientifically
reflective of common sense. It's America; superstition rules, baby!


So, to recap....in order to keep the masses fat, dumb, and
happy, a stereotype is being needlessly perpetuated.....vital
blood donations are being turned away....lives are forfeited.....
people are being labeled and blacklisted as 'unworthy donors'.....
misinformation supported on questionnaires and in practices

cements in people's brains and gives them a false sense of
security in their own sex lives.....Not quite the small potatoes
you thought when it was just another 'silly queer rant,' eh?

So, why not employ a ban on black men, black women, and
Latin women donating blood? Hispanic and black women are
the highest-increase communities in HIV infection. Sell that
move to the people. No? I didn't think so.

The problem here is simple; The antiquated notion, the
mythology that gay men are automatically at risk for HIV
more so than anyone else, is being promoted here, and the
rationale is that since the discriminatory attitude already
exists, why not pander to it?

(Three dilemnas inherent in that; a false sense of security
created for heterosexual men--and women, a continued
self-consciousness and shamefulness unwarrantedly being
leveled on gay men, and a perpetuation of stigma and
intolerance that creates prejudice and a second-class

There's a very dangerous precedent set by standardizing
the notion that heterosexual sex is 'safe' sex merely
because it is not, in fact, gay sex. 'Unsafe sex' is not part
of any one sex, race, orientation, or age goup. There's
unsafe sex, and there's safer sex practices. The diference
has to do with openness to frank discussion, lack of religious
hang-ups, civic-mindedness, conscientiousness, education,
and self-respect. Those are conscious decisions, not actions
endemic to a 'group[' of people.

Gay sex is not synonomous with spread of disease;
unsafe sex practices are. Pretending otherwise is archaic
and detrimental.

Fear, lies, and prejudice are not valid basis for public policies.

Is the life of your spouse, parent, or child worth the
continuation of discriminatory practice? There's room in the
world for more than one caring, intelligent guy who heals and
saves with his blood. Get over it.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Armageddon is Two Men in Love, Evidently

Lots of folks heard their first word about Prop 8 this week.
Reason being, when the Proposition was initially passed
in California, it was to discriminate against gay men
and lesbian women. This week's ruling (by the U.S. Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals) was in favor of we queers' rights
to be treated equally under the law, and therefore
you couldn't have heard a cannon over the uproar of
duplicitous pastors and right wing demagogues!

All the Republican candidate wannabes were livid
and crazed by the news (YES, MORESO THAN USUAL!
Be AFRAID!) citing (irrationally and unfoundedly) that this was
more work of liberal courts. You know; 'Decision I like, good...
decision I don't like, bad!'

At least all the schmucks could stop throwing stones at
one another's insipid lameness and evil long enough to agree
to be unjustifiably afraid of the queers. Ahh, togetherness.

So, the problems with Prop 8, which limited marriage
the institution to a man and a woman, were endless.

First, it was brought to the voters by special interest groups
that were largely funded by out of state churches, notably
the screwy Mormons.
Um...out of state....churches deciding law.....
etc, etc.

Second, the controversial legislation only passed by a slim
52%, showing how divided the state was, and the Proposition
was ruled unconstitutional fairly quickly by a federal judge.
The cry-baby zealots and conservatives appealed the
ruling, which led to the appeals court upholding it
(the decision that was handed down this week.)

Third, in the trials, to attempt to prove
the 'merit' and 'need' (ha ha!)
for banning gay men and lesbian women from
marrying, there was so much misinformation, lies,
and insanity brought forth from the 'religious sorts'
who opposed gays marrying that yet more
problems ensued.

Finally, as if that weren't enough,
the people who testified wanted no part
of their testimony made public, and tried to keep
 transcripts, video, or any talk of the proceedings from being
open! There has been an additional battle to
release these tapes, (which has since been ordered,)
since the method of how all this took place
was so backwards and hateful and unscientific. (Go figure!)

There is still possibility of appeal against the overturning
of Prop 8,
as well as appeal of the video recordings being released.

Oh, and we didn't even get into the psychological
lacking that drives someone to become obsessed with
trying to legislate their limited, inane view of 'morality.'

What exactly are these wing nuts so afraid of?