Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Past Subterfuge, Into Responsibility

The more practical knowledge and clarity you possess,
the more obvious this country's state of distress becomes.

No, I don't mean the financial dire straits.
I don't even mean the divisive political climate.
Nor the over-reliance on religion.

I'm speaking of the faulty moral compass of so many;
a country of bottoming-out standards
and immediacy over quality.
We have become a nation of duplicity,
complicity, bottom lines, and "whatever it

We bash others and obsess over their actions
and covertly commit those same actions,
ever-pretending and caustically protesting,
slyly smiling at pulling the wool over the public's eyes.

We revel in double standards and are
consumed by illusion and rhetoric while
neglecting reality and actuality.
We strive for decadence and consumption
and avoid consequence and exposure.

The emphasis has become to appear legitimate
in public while doing any old illegal, immoral,
contradictory maneuver in private.

A classic well-loved line called for
"Truth, Justice, and the American Way,"
but the mirror held up to our modern society
shows "Fraud, Justification, and Any-Old-Way"
being a much more astute 'standard.'

Con-artistry and denial are the national pass-times.

posturing and defiant,
only concerned with dominance--not correctness,
this adolescent among nations,
petulantly pouting and foot-stomping our way
into getting what we want.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If I Lied, I Could Look Good On Paper, Too, Bitch!

I am so Over Mitt (Nit-Wit) Romney, it is not even funny.

If he were just an overbearing and ignorant ass, it'd be one
thing, but his arrogance and his egregious pomposity make
me want to drive up and bitch-slap him in person.

Just got a campaign flier for him in the mail, sent to a mean
old witch who used to live on our property. Y'know...a bitter,
nasty, racist, homophobic, conservative, widowed, bitchy
old woman....the kind loony enough to think Romney looks
good and has character.

So this political mailer touts Rom-Nut as being praised by \
conservative leaders  for his stance on 'Life, Marriage, and
Religious Freedom.' Uh...which stance? You've got a lot of
choices, dumb-asses. Flip-flopping, sorry-ass putz.

The list of less than a dozen nobodies reads like a last-call
in a dark and ugly corner of the candidates-support-group;
presidents of hardcore right-wing nut job groups with three
members, former heads of anti-abortion groups, Catholic
organization officials from specific states, etc. WOW!

It lies about Romney being beside conservatives for four years,
says he took shots to take on politically unpopular 'Christian'
views, etc....Uh, NO...he didn't. He does exactly whatever
is politically expedient at any given moment.

His quote talks about how he wants to be President so he
can be true to HIS faith! Whoa, Nellie! Stop believing
your own press; This is NOT a Christian nation. We don't
need your unholy war spilling any more blood!

Anyway, it's a laugh-riot of how he has been this solid,
staunchly unapologetic conservative Christian and totally
against the "gays and baby-killers and heathens-trying-to-
keep-Baby-Jesus-out-of-the-classroom" for the last 200
years of his immortal lifeless existence, and how he and
his convert have slaughtered the families of five innocent
children and cast spells over them as if they were their own,
blah blah blah.

The problem is, that any supporter of this pair of teeth could
find out what a phony he is in two seconds by viewing his
voting record. They could watch video of him having
conversations when the media wasn't broadcasting and find
out his real personality. (They're all over YouTube.) They
would easily know why he is a dubiously weak link.

But alas, all they can think of is "Get the black guy out
of my White House!" and  "He sure does look and sound
sincere." The Fox-News Illiterati don't much care for facts
and figurin'...just pretty campaign brochures and prettier lies.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Actions Still Speak Louder Than Words

If you're a Christian--a real and true and devoted
and "Living It" example of Christ--SUPER!

More power to ya.

But I will continue to battle against the demonic
forces of so-called-Christians who have wrapped
themselves up in the term (and basically use it to
say "I'm an asshole but I want to get away with it,
so I'll say Jesus is behind me and I'll be an unstopp-
able juggernaut, doing NONE of the things he
taught or reasoned!")

Write the Rick Perrys of the world; show THEM
your scorn. I did NOT lump the real and the fake
together; THEY do it when they label themselves
believers in Christ, and live in a manner which
disgraces themselves and the ideal of Jesus.

Distance yourself from them, but don't cry to me
about it.

You can't have it both ways.
Thanks, that is all.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Twice the (Lack of) Standards is a Double Standard

It can't be mentioned enough what a tremendous
crock of shit it is that folks like Newt Gingrich
want to pretend to have a moral standard.

What they mean is that they have an idealized
version of what they want to impose on the rest
of us, and they want to continue to live their life
the way they want.

This man, who crusades against the so-called
eroding of "American" values by using racist
rhetoric, condemning gays and lesbians, and
voting against the working class and poor, puts
himself on a pedestal.

The reality is that he made pledges to three
different women to love and cherish forever,
and then lied, cheated, and committed adultery
while promoting himself as a godly and honest
man. (I have no doubts he's indulging in infidelity
in this latest; why would he change a winning

He swore on a Bible that the faith he had
would keep him truthful, and that turned out
to be bogus...many times over. He's a pledge-
breaking, unfaithful, manipulative, hypocritical,
untrustworthy, and out-of-touch troll.

But he wants to control what you and I do
in the privacy of our bedrooms!

yeah, buddy!


Monday, January 16, 2012

We Still Need You, Dr. King

WARNING: Vitriolic language below. Do not read if offended by hate-speech.
A powerful insight, but...
Has the message and the inspiration been lost?

How will most folks commemorate Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr.'s birthday recognition? Complaining about no
open government offices? Laying around and doing
nothing of much importance? Perhaps making snide
remarks alongside their buddies, or radio disc jockeys,
or Fox News reporters as to the so-called illegitimacy
of this day and of our current president?

I wish to take the occasion to give tremendous Thanks
to Dr. King,  Coretta Scott King, all those who fought
the good fight as Freedom Riders and Freedom
Fighters, and those who continue the legacy today.
There is still so much to be done.

I feel the sting every day of just how far there is left to
go on the journey.

I hear the rat-a-tat-tat gunfire on my soul as an orchestra
of "nigger-this" and "nigger-that" are barked daily, easily,
repetitively, their issuers incorrectly imagining me a
receptive brother-in-arms of hate and dismissal.

These calloused, thoughtless words owing nothing but
to ignorance; born in, bred in, taught, recycled, imposed,
carried down so ironically triumphantly from the shameful
"don't know no betters" of hate that passes for heritage,
especially in these lowly southern backwoods.

One generation to the next, passing on the familiar
like a treasured family heirloom, defiantly daring someone
to tell them all that they 'know' is wrong. Clutching
dissension like a badge of honor. "Accept me by seeing
how faithful I am in my nonacceptance, Paw!" they seem to
cry out.

Others like them offer up the same withered theories as
to why there is a proper scapegoat--with misinformation
its father--behind every mishap and wrongdoing ever suffered
by these scared and lost boys. They don't even know the
meaning of the words they speak, the lies they spill, the
hate the brew like bathtub gin, ever-more potent and
dangerous the longer it sits and steeps.

A world connected non-stop, all peoples seeing into
one another's lives, across the oceans and across the
barriers of language and time. And still we have pockets of
time-displaced folks who revel in their lack of development,
who seek to know nothing more than what they surround
themselves with. They are as preserved as a mosquito in
amber, as annoying as if still alive and mounting a campaign
of frustrating distractedness.

Like the atrocities of World War II, are we destined to
have the evils of segregation become like fantasy as those
of that generation slowly die off? Will the lessons of Dr. King,
and the need for them still, be forgotten because we no longer
have a breathing reminder of how far we have left to go?


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Many Happy Returns

I want to stop and take a moment for some clarity.

"Thank You," to all our haters.

I want to express the mountain of Love I have for
the Michelle & Marcus Bachmanns, the Fred Phelps
sorts, the Rick Santorums, the Mitt Romneys, and
the Pat Robertsons.

You are the reason I am such a strength. Why I
will continue to gather and promote power.

You are what motivates me to fight on, to persevere,
to speak up and stand out and find that inner strength
that exists within us all.

You are the reason a whole new generation of my
brothers and sisters are galvanizing, forging together
as one to defeat the enemy. If left to our own devices,
we likely would not have been so resolute or determined,
but the clarion call of defending ourselves against your
misguided vivisecting is a godsend.

I am more whole because of you.
I am steadfastly fierce and fiery because of you.
I am toughened, motivated, and hastened by your threat.

You are the cornerstone of proof needed to showcase the
real demons facing me and mine every day.

Each child's death, spurred on by your hate and selfishness
and misinformation, only ensures that our lives will be
more focused on meting out justice, on changing the
backwardness of the land, of combating evils like
you and yours.

You have convinced me there is no god, because no
god would support the likes of you, and no god would
allow you to misuse its truly holy name. No god would
permit your devilish existence.

And I now know that, no matter how down-and-out
and nutsy-squirrel I become, I will never be the most
bat-shit crazy dope-headed ignorant fucker in the room,
cuz you all have that shit hammered down and notarized.

Thank you, and again;
I love you and appreciate you for the purpose you give
my day. I will beat you. Me and mine are locked in
battle to live well and leave your sad sickness in the dust.

All your hard work has paid off handsomely.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sign of the Times

So, it's the end of the whirled as we know it, and I feel...meh.

This week, Tim LaHaye (of the notorious 'Left Behind" book
series of the envisioned biblically-inspired Armageddon,) has
put his unwavering support behind one Newt Gingrich for the
Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

Evidently, LaHaye wants to ensure that the destruction of
the planet takes place on schedule, after all.

You'd think he'd want to stick around a little longer to rake
in more cash from his propagandist tools!


Little Timmy Tebow, the gayest boy in the world,
decided to sell his pussy for jesus in new fashion this week.

He's the new sex(less) symbol for Jockey.

No, not little people who ride horses; the underwear company.

He's highlighted in a new ad that shows him undressing in the
locker room and then robotically thanking Jockey as he looks
into the camera. The text reads that Jockey supports Tim
"in every way."

Hmmmn...so they're taking a stand in favor of
'reparative' therapy? Sealing off closet doors? Fundamentalist
Christianity? Banning same-sex marriage? Interfering in people's
personal lives? Deciding whether a woman can or can't reproduce?
Good to know.


The new ABC sit-com, "Work It," evidently didn't.
After two episodes, it was cancelled.
The show, the gist of which is two guys unconvincingly
cross-dress to score jobs, may have been killed because
of public protest over poor image of transvestite or
transgender folks, but more likely it was a mercy kill
seeing as it obviously sucked raw eggs.

You can dress a show up with a laugh track, but you
can't transition it to funny without a lotta work.


Mitt Romney finally won something.
I half-expected a Sally Fields-esque speech, but
I guess even his pompous ass isn't screwy enough to
believe anybody actually likes him. I imagine a bunch
of folks in New Hampshire are thinking "Geez...I just
felt sorry for him! Shoulda thought about that a little
harder." Oh well! Personality Plus is moving on....for now.


If you own a sweater vest factory, you know your boy
Rick Santorum has been wagging that tongue (and not just
through the hole in the men's bathroom at the department

He's been on an anti-gay sex slam this past week, like
it's the only thing of concern to this nation. I guess all the
other closet cases are supporting him, equally sad and
pathetic in their self-hate, because he's still in it.

Damn--he's talked more about gay sex in the last
7 days than I have in the last 7 years.


If this is the face of things to come, I'm all for the Apocalypse.
Time to shake the Etch-A-Sketch and start from scratch.
Certainly we can do better.

I dunno, though; if humans are involved, maybe we just
need an Extinction-Level Event. If people are doing the best
they can, or if they are doing what they think is best, maybe
a wipe-out is the best way to go. Cheers!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

"I Don't THINK So!"

One of the kids at school said that I 'reminded him'
of someone...that I looked familiar.

Later he shouted out that it was because I looked like
Santa Claus. I don't think so.

I put the book down and explained;

a) I am not having anyone sit on me,
b) I am not jovial,
c) I am not getting on any rooftops,
d) I do not look good in red, and
e) they sure as hell weren't getting any free toys!

That seemed to clear the matter up nicely.

But I did tell the Devil Children that 'Madea'
was my Momma, and she taught me everything
she knew.

"Your Momma Miss Mabel?" they queried,

"Yes," I said, with a knowing look.

"Your Momma a man dressed up like a
woman!" yelled one defiant upstart.

I screeched, while lurching forward slightly.

"I'll go get the grits and skillet!" I added,
perhaps unnecessarily.

They were much better after that.

Don't get it twisted.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Here ya go, Timmy!

Well, never let it be said that great works don't garner
just rewards!

Little Timmy Tebow must certainly be a shoo-in for
the next Nobel Peace Prize! After all, he has steadily
been convincing his Pocket-pal Jesus to stop wars,
end famine, cure disease, and...oh, wait, no. That's not
right. Evidently, little baby fictional Jesus has only been
'helping' Timmy win football games.

Yeah. Cuz that's what divine beings waste time with.

"Oh, but don't ya just LOVE Tim Tebow?
Isn't he just the best football player--nay, best human

being-- ever born!?!!!!!"

No, no I don't, and No he isn't.

He is a douche, his religion is bullshit, and a smile and
an act of false superiority are great covers for child
molesters, alcoholics, and other nefarious sorts.
Don't drink the Kool-Aid.

Here's the thing; he does draw attention to himself
His apologists and fans and defenders would have you
think he's yet another high-profile innocent victim of
the (non-existent) "War on Religion" that the Evil Media
Empire has brought to this (not even) 'Christian Nation.'

Honey, saying that 'America is waging war AGAINST
religion' is like saying 'the Jews waged a war against Nazis.'

Pull your heads out of your asses.

Religion is an evil, corrosive, divisive, shame-fest
that staves off progress and fills children with nightmares.
It is not a victimless crime.

'Blasphemy', or atheism (a.k.a. right thinking) is a
victimless crime, and much to the chagrin of the
folks in charge, it isn't a crime at all, let alone a
prosecutable one.

Tim Tebow makes himself a target every time he
speaks up and says something unrelated to football.
His religion is the religion of hating and denying
equality under the law for gays and lesbians.....
it's the religion of denying women control of their
reproductive rights.... it's the religion of promoting
the idea that sexuality is a sin against his make-believe
sky-Daddy....it's the religion of shame, torment,
persecution, and misery. So don't be distracted by his PR
stunts revolving around tossing a football with sick kids.
It's all a part of the game.

So when he wants to use his celebrity and youthful
ignorance to spread his crazy baloney, best believe he
is asking for rebuttal.

Stop acting like he's an innocent sweetheart.
He's a hapless drone and a mediocre ball player.

Thank you to the creator of the Internet for
making this post possible.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

On Top of the World, Looking Down on Others

It doesn't matter how much money
you acquire, how many fancy vehicles
you drive, what trophy spouse appears
on your arm, or how many successes
you put under your belt;

if you aren't living authentically...
if you are not being noticed or praised
for things truly connected to You...
there will never be valid or true
happiness in your life.


Friday, January 6, 2012

"Confusion Say..."

Why is there so much animosity between different religions?

Every one has the same precept in mind; controlling the masses.
Every one seeks to indoctrinate and lube up not only those who
willingly come, but to surreptitiously and smugly eradicate all
'opposing' forces and any signs of different thinking.

(It's also a panacea for all that ails us, even if it only amounts to
'wishful thinking.')

Why do so-called Christians hate Jews so much? That's the
religion of they baby Jesus' daddy. In fact, both Islam and
Christianity are offshoots of Judaism, so where's all the
acrimony coming from? Y'all are brothers who take different
routes to the same job.

Potato, po-tah-to. Oh well, kill and let kill.

If the church hadn't had so much difficulty filling the pews
(and more importantly, the coffers) there would have been no
reason to invent Jesus to lighten the mood. That scary old-school
God was too much for the more sensitive newer kids. Soft,
peaceable, forgiving J.C. filled that bill...but it's a moot point
now since the dullards have hijacked the church and made
thuggishness synonymous with Jesus!

Funny enough, there's nothing bearing any resemblance
to the methods and contagion passing for most Christian
beliefs these days and the actual teachings and mindset
of Jesus of Nazareth.  Oh well...semantics!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flip Her Over: SHE'S DONE!

"If Jesus were real, he'd love me this much!"

"Ding, Dong, The Bitch is dead...
Which old Bitch? That crazy old demonic bitch!"

Yer done, sweetheart...
run home and care for your fake-ass fraud of a marriage.
And watch your back; we're coming for your 'clinic' next.

Thanks so much for pointing out what a bat shit crazy
threat to humanity you are.

Here's an oldie but a hilarious goodie.
You can't fool anyone.