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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fat Between The Ears

So tired of all the Michelle Obama-bashing going on over the "Happy
Meals" initiative. Recognizing first off that those who oppose her are
generally those who would call her a witch even if she cured
cancer and balanced the budget, based squarely
on politically motivated biases. But many are truly unaware of
the program she started. (It's called "Let's Move!" and can be
viewed more entirely at www.letsmove.gov )

Does anyone realize the financial and health impact of a nation
of morbidly obese and chronically sedentary kids? Or kids who become
adults who carryover those practices? I realize that 'attacking'
people's precious "Mickey D's" (with their Jillion-dollar PR campaign
to make them seem like a National Fucking Treasure) was a
risky gambit, but it was necessary, and I support the chutzpah.
By the by; she simply pointed out reality; she
didn't MAKE the icon an unhealthy place to eat!
 Besides, there is soooo  much more to her program than just that.
Read up, trolls.

Who's aware (or conscious about) 'food deserts?' It's an area where there
are no grocery stores available within a traveling radius; people within
the perimeter of these 'food deserts' have access only to chemical and
additive and preservative laden foods such as convenience stores, gas
stations, vending machines, etc.  No fresh produce or quality nutritious
foods are available. If you think about it, we tend to eat based on what's
available to us, not what's good for us, so this is significant.

Mrs. Obama is working with retailers to initiate new stores go up in
these areas where the most need is.

McDonald's is symptomatic. Symbolic. Besides, the backlash to the initiative
proves the hold that the greasy purveyor of shit food has is indeed deep
and powerful. You can't say McDonald's is healthy! (Well, you could, but
you'd be a loony or a liar.) The problem is that people use the fast food
joint as their mainstay eatery, and it isn't intended to be that. Their own
(legally dictated) material will tell you that it is to be used as once or
twice a week treat, not a significant source of nutrition or a balanced meal.

In this country, you are free to abuse your kids in by feeding them fatty
carb-loaded empty-nutrition meals from sun-up to sun-down. We don't step
in as a society until they are in the hospital from obesity-related  illness or
malnourishment. This is about education, and one thing Americans hate
with a passion is having it made clear that they don't know something
(or, worse yet, are acting self-destructively in spite of knowing better.)

We seem to be oblivious that young boys are experiencing an
epidemic of having tits bigger than their mothers'.

We're obsessed with proving opulence by over-indulging in
everything, including food, even to our own detriment.

(And now with the state of the economy remaining bad,
people are emotionally eating more than ever and finding
greater limits on affordable food choices.)

We want to pretend that an over-reliance on gadgets has not adversely
 impacted the need for fresh air and exercise.

People seem to want to shoot the messenger. Well, Michelle Obama
didn't stick fried chicken down your throat or make you eat a gallon
of ice cream. She didn't tell you to use the TV and PC as baby-sitter
for your kids.

Stop hating on the reality that we have a problem,
start acknowledging a need for change.

Education is not the enemy; it's the start of the solution.
Can we get past politics long enough
to save some kids' lives?


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens passes

Masterful speaker, writer, journalist, contrarian, and revolutionary
Christopher Hitchens passed away on Thursday at age 62,
after a 2 year battle with cancer.

Hitchens was a longtime proponent of intellectualism and
speaking directly, which led him to cross political and party
lines in his assault on ignorance (leading to much controversy
over the years.) He identified as an anti-theist, although the
public would dismiss much of his views by labeling him atheist.

He had been a writer at Vanity Fair for nearly 30 years, as well as a
multitude of other magazines (The Nation, The Guardian,etc.) and was the
author of "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything"
(highly recommended.)

His series of written debates with pastor Douglas Wilson, "Is
Christianity Good for the World?" were widely read, and led to a book
and film based on the works.

He was a frequent guest commentator on television both in America
and Britain, and was an eloquent and well-versed speaker.

He was also widely respected for sticking to his guns, being
a man of principle, and the fair-mindedness of even his
more impassioned stances. Evidence of this respect
shows in many places, like the remembrance of Hitchins
penned by oft-times debater Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

A Few great Lines from Hitchens

"(Giving Obama a Nobel Peace Prize) would be like giving
someone an Oscar in the hope that it would encourage them
to make a decent motion picture."

"My own view is that this planet is used as a penal colony,
lunatic asylum and dumping ground by a superior civilisation,
to get rid of the undesirable and unfit. I can't prove it, but you
can't disprove it either."  (- excerpted from "God Is Not Great")

"Nothing optional - from homosexuality to adultery - is ever
made punishable unless those who do the prohibiting (and exact
the fierce punishment) have a repressed desire to participate."
  (-excerpted from "God Is Not Great")

For more info and complete articles/books....



Thank you for all your hard work, Christopher.
May your work continue to influence the world and
break down the insanity that we have crafted.


A Week Of Folly

Here's just a partial smattering of all the Republican Fools & Jesters'
Gay Ramblings for the week!

Marcus Bachmann told the New York Times
his first act as First Lady would be to coordinate
a nationwide anti-gay marriage campaign.
Great to see that respect for separation of
church and state in play, you mincing Pillsbury twat.

Mitt Romney discussed his triple-threat anti-gay marriage
plans with the Boston Herald.
He doesn't have any skills beyond hating on Obama and hating on
gays, but he hopes to connect with millions of other Americans
who share such limited requirements of a leader.

Newt Gingrich tells the Des Moines Register that
"people" choose to be gay just like people choose
to be celibate! (Hint, hint!)
He still has no plans to explain why he chooses to
be a cheating, lying, scamming douche.

Rick Santorum attacks Mitt Romney in most recent
GOP debate in girl-fight over which sissy is the most
homophobic vagina.

A Republic mayor from Southaven, Mississippi, who
(naturally) ran on a conservative 'family values' campaign,
was outed when records showed he used taxpayer money
at a gay adult bookstore. If only we had access to the
spending of all closeted queens.

                                      And of course, "Queen Troll of The Pixie-Suckers"
                                                                   award goes to....
                                                     Little Ricky Perry of Tex-ass!
                                   A new book was published revealing still more about
                                                  the revelations that Rick Perry is secretly gay.
                                             "Head Figure Head: The Search for the Hidden Life
                                                    of Rick Perry" was written by Glen Maxxy,
                                                     a former member of the Texas Legislature.

And in city after city, nation-wide,
the unemployed are still jobless,
the homeless population grows,
hunger and poverty are an epidemic,
abused children are still unprotected,
diseases ravage bodies,
and all the actual evils of the world persist.
Gotta love humanity,
and its totally screwed priorities and ignorance.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

And the chorus of insightful shouted "A-MEN!"

"In the First Amendment to the Constitution, the Founders made it clear that this was not to be a sky-god nation with a national religion like that of England, from whom we had just separated. It is curious how little understood this amendment is--yes, everyone has a right to worship any god he chooses but he does not have the right to impose his beliefs on others who do not happen to share in his superstitions and taboos."

-Gore Vidal

"Please...Somebody Notice Me!"

Santorum's introduces new campaign slogan: "A-Duuhhhh!"

So, little Ricky Santorum realized that his idiotic quotes were not being as
readily bandied about as other more attention-grabbing douche-bags
like say Trump, Perry, or Gingrich.

In order to compete, he felt he needed an extra dumb-ass 'oomph' that
would legitimize him in the so-called minds of the scary Republican Reich.

So he comes up with yet another nut-bag anti-gay remark (since those
have been so popular in getting air time for his imbecile counterparts
these past few weeks.)

Honestly, I don't know if he thinks he's fooling anyone into thinking he's
anything more than another closeted self-hating Queer himself, but,
hey, that his pollsters job to predict, not mine.

He says that the reason so much fewer young people are getting
married is due to gay marriage being promoted. Then he linked to an
article in the Huffington Post (via his twit) that spoke to a myriad of
reasons why less young people are getting married, none of them
related in any way to 'allowing' homosexuals to do so.

Ricky, I think what you meant to say, you inarticulate jiz-swiggler,
is that less and less homosexuals like yourself are feeling the need to
hide who they are. As we learn to love ourselves and no longer need
to dupe unsuspecting straight women into faux beard relations,
the need for false-pretense marriage lessens and there are then less
statistical marriages.

So, back to the facts, Jack; if you are concerned about the number
of marriages occurring, then stop fighting marriage equality and the
number of marriages will rise. Because quality, loving same-sex
relationships are not invalidated just because the right to marry is
irrationally denied. And no on else is playing your little shell game.

Your lies and fake 'tough guy' posturing are not worth the price
it takes on your soul, or the lives of others. Move on.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"Hey, little brown babies....come here. Can I exploit and abuse you?
Do I have your consent? Is that all right? Can't talk?
Doesn't matter; we're doing it regardless! 'kay? Greeeeat!"

(3rd from left; "ehhhhhhhh..something just feels wrong.."
4th from left; "I don't trust the white ones."
Good instincts, kids. Hope you survive to keep them.)

Become a Missionary!
Travel to exotic lands,
tell kids what wrong with their millenia-old
belief system, indoctrinate them as payment
for giving them food and clothing, and exploit
them for personal gain!

Change how people think, speak, and live
so there's no more messy different culture;
only white-washed American Imperialism, under
the illusion of a helping hand!

(Hey, everything has a price, even charity!)

"Let me take that; you don't need that dignity or
independence! Come to me--not Jesus-- if
you want to be educated (and well fed!)"
Oh, those silly savages!

Once you master and own the locals, they'll
be sufficiently reshaped that the pyramid scheme
can be passed on by them and continue unfettered!
Sounds great, right? Riiigghht!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Human Right Day

No matter what the divisiveness of Religion
and All the conflicted Churches teach.

No matter what the politicos
continue to do to separate us.

Whether The Powers That Be
acknowledge and protect them...
or not.

Despite the dependence on
a class warfare system that
has a stranglehold on this world.


Rick Perry Strong Response

The Partisans - Rick Perry - Weak, man.