Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" part Two


Does it all boil down to survival of the fittest?
That dynamic is still in play, but  at the same time, the social
Darwinism is made obsolete. There is no level playing field.
The deck is prominently stacked against the little guy.

If we were in an arena battling it out hand to hand on equal footing,
maybe that would be fair. But the argument goes that wealth
and power and breaking the rules is fair game when it comes to
survival. That since those things are at the disposal of folks at the
top of the heap, they are tools to be utilized; they comprise the
eternal victors' fitness. I say it's cheating and I say the hell with it.

Those in the ivory towers send minions or make phone calls to
handle business. They remain untouchable. I don't believe in karma;
that's a sad man's crutch. A rich joker can't be touched in the arena
of political pull, economic bullying, influence, networking, fear-mongering,

So, when we rise up with what's left to us at bottom, to attempt to
get what's ours, we give them the excuse to take advantage of their
power to stop us. To shoot us dead in the streets. Or bury us under the
jailhouse. To keep us trapped in a nowhere job despite ability. The ways
in which we are institutionally soul-murdered at length are innumerous.

There are different rules in effect for different people. If you don't know
this, you are probably taking advantage of the high-end, positive end
of the privilege scale. Or you may not have been paying attention to
the larger picture of things. If, like most of us, you have been kept
struggling non-stop to take care of staying afloat, you have been unable
to devote much time or energy to it.

If you have been paying attention, or if you have experienced the
paradigm shift shaft on a personal level, you may have already learned
the frustrations of fighting the powers that be. It is a losing proposition;
it's been set up that way so you will get discouraged and give up.

It's always been known that "You can't fight city hall."
Now city hall is in on promoting that fact, too.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." part One

As wealth continues to accumulate in the elusive smallest
percentage of the population, poverty also increases among
the larger bottom end of the population. The two need not
be intrinsically connected, or so dramatically inversed, but
they are.

     Since the people in power are the ones making the decisions
across the board (economic, political, social, etc) it stands to
reason that their decisions would benefit themselves, even if their
advancement was to the detriment of the rest of the population.
We're not going to have a dispute on that 'theory' are we!??

     There are several kinds of people, and several means of
maintaining control in our world.
   * People with power (heads of important businesses, policy
makers, influential people, leaders of various sorts)
   * People with money (real money, get-out-jail-free money,
different rules and problem-free  money)
   * People who brutalize (whether it is physical or economic
violence against fellows; folks who exploit and profiteer)
   * People who moralize and create chaos (religious leaders,
zealots, critics, the church, missionaries, pundits, TV & radio
personalities, etc)

     Typically, more than one of these types or positions of influence
overlap with one another. This is the most effective means, and it
tends to be inevitable.

     (To wit: a corrupt cop may not make much, but he gains a
windfall through theft, blackmail, racketeering, and protection.
A religion may  make modest guilt offerings, so they immorally
start using the catch-all  "Gay Agenda" as a means of eliciting
fear funds. One immoral tactic leads to another level of power
by crossing a line.)

     To have the ability to control is at heart of most ills of this
world. Once control is found, people who have it are not desirous
of losing it, and will tend to do whatever it takes to maintain their
stranglehold. Remember the smug looks of confusion on the faces
of the BP execs early on when they were trying to avoid being
thought responsible for the oil 'leak?'

     We have promoted a fiction for some time that there exists
no dichotomy in the actions of one group of people and another.
We have pretended that class warfare has been lost in an 'Age of
Prosperity.' (Huh?) The wealthy are unjustly maligned, the religious
are well-intentioned givers, the police are overworked and underpaid
and facing stress every day.......there are distractions and slight-of-hand
in effect at all times. Indoctrinating us...preparing us, like our corn
syrup diets, as lambs being led to slaughter.

     The 'idea' of worldwide inequity & imbalance is not a myth.
It continues to become a world of extreme haves and extreme
have-nots, and the two are directly related. Some economists
would try and sway that the answer is not removing or redistrib-
uting wealth, but rather building it up where it doesn't exist.
This ignores the simple reality that there is a set amount of wealth
to be 'shared,' and the ones making it now have a system in place
which protects what they have...against those who might rise up
and grab their share.

     As the stilted power imbalance completely shifts, as personal
rights have eroded to nothing, as the jail lifestyle has been imple-
mented on addicts and small time crooks, as poor people's finances
are destroyed by capricious whims of businesses and CEOs, as
courts favor the needs of the corporations and the police......the
veil is lifted. Too little, too late. Enough now know how far things
have gone wrong, but they're so far gone that knowing it won't
change anything.

     Before, cops and politicians and evangelists would deny
their corrupt intentions; they would lie to the faces of the people
that they were misquoted or misrepresented, or that they were
innocent, or that they really didn't mean to be a racist or a homophobe
or beat their wife. Now, the insincerity has faded. The blithely sancti-
monious and disaffected faces of wrong-doers parade in front of the
cameras, caught red-handed, with a defiant and unabashed "Fuck you.
Yeah, I did it--what are you going to do about it?" Middle finger up
and victorious laugh.

There is no delusion assuming the police are rich or that all CEOs
and all religious leaders are on the same page. But the only way for a
global agenda of  branding, corporate rule, the rich get richer, the
watchmen can do whatever they please...is for there to be collusion.
Each must scratch the other's back; their agendas run parallel.

     The police are lackeys when it comes to enforcing the law, just like
the military. There is no concept of right and wrong; there is only the
following of whatever dictates and precepts are popular that day. And
especially in the case of our police state, personal desires overrun any
sanctity of the position held. Racism, sexism, homophobia, vengeance,
hostility, corporate defense are all state sanctioned; a cop can do
whatever he or she wants and walk away free. And they know this.

     A badge and a gun gives unlimited power. If you weren't drawn to
the position/field because you were a scheming psychotic with N.P.D.
to start with, you'll likely become one from the seduction of the job's power.