Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black socks with shorts ?!?!

"Why on earth would you wear black socks with short pants?"

Maybe it was my time in Germany and Canada that endeared me to the practice.

Maybe working and spending much time in a theme park in Tampa developed a strange fascination with the socially unacceptable phenomenon.

Maybe it's laundry day and they were the only socks clean.

Maybe my "Give a damn"'s busted.

Maybe I'm color blind.

Maybe I'm just that damned good, baby cakes.

Maybe I'm trolling for Grandpas (and you know how sexy that combo is for them!)

Maybe they're the most comfortable, incredibly padded socks I could find for my poor diabetic tootsies, and they only come in black.

Maybe it's a psychological litmus test to see what sorts of people are overly concerned about aesthetics; a Priorities bell ringing, if you will.

Maybe it's all the rage and YOU'RE just not hip enough to know it.

Maybe it's a test to see what people's real interest is when reacting to someone in social settings.

Maybe you need to find a hobby, and stop worrying about petty bullshit.