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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why the Police are a Problem

Any time you give a human being a
smidge of authority (i.e., Power,) it
is automatic that they will become
heady with said authority to command.
In time, the mere psychological boost
that comes from being in a dominant
position gives an additional sense of
Having a separation state gives a false
view of reality. ("We are the 'good' guys,
and anyone we come up against are
instantly--by default--the 'bad' guys.")
Considering oneself correct by virtue of
position and appointment allows for some
real power trips and head trips. The line
between 'what the law is' and 'what bothers
me personally' starts to erode.
Being in a high stress job that doesn't pay
well and is rather thankless can get to
anyone. ('Thankless' except for all
the media and foundations and newscasters
and politicians constantly doting, open-
ended, on all our 'brave men and women
who serve the public in law enforcement.'
With no irony, or mention, regarding the
rampant corruption, misuse of authority,
misuse of force, and so on.)
The public institutions therefore add
to the sense of infallibility and greatness
that have already been fostered in policing agencies.
Reinforcement of truths not in evidence.
Then we have to consider the essence of the
male psyche; that we are programmed to be
combative over compassionate, to escalate
rather than empathize, and to be dominant
rather than diplomatic.
The tough guy bravado is used to build an
image of being Indomitable, to keep law men
and women credible agents in dangerous
situations with scary, violent offenders. But it
doesn't get turned off when dealing with the
regular, everyday citizens who made simple,
non-violent mistakes or minor offenses. (Or,
those who have not done anything wrong at all.)
Then we add to the mix the whole 'gang mentality'
that any unified group or tribe forms (which is
especially rabid and unwavering amongst police.)
The mafia-esque nature of the Code of Blue makes
these band of brothers willing to go to any lengths
to stop someone looking to 'harm' a fellow. Even
when their fellow is the one guilty of the wrong-doing.
The institutionalized notion that cops are great, that
cops deserve respect, that the police are on our
side, that we'll be fine if we've done nothing wrong--
these are all myths perpetrated by a mass of machinery.
It's a false precept. Authority does not equal 'right.'
But authority creates the ego of 'right, no matter what.'
It's time to change the thinking.

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