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Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Not 'Political Correctness' We're Worried About

This man is not an important person.
He is, however, an influential person
(and our society has vast difficulty in
differentiating the two.)
His thoughts and opinions of homosexuals are
inspired by laziness, personal bias, clutching
onto ignorance, misinformation, and a man-made
book that has been used to perpetrate the evils
of man for centuries.
Here's why it matters what was said;
       This is the body of a gay man lynched and
burned to death in Uganda. It happened because these people
had similar thoughts and opinions to those of Phil Robertson
and his cronies.
Thinking someone is 'not as moral as' you are leads to
(false) superior thinking. Looking down on others allows
there to be less compassion for them. It sets up a slippery
slope; just look at how extensive the propagandist campaign
against the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and others Hitler
raged against. He and his man Goebbels used the repetition
of lies and use of fear to pit public opinion against those
groups long before he tried to physically harm them.
Brain washing.
Spreading misinformation and scapegoating people
leads to actions like this; action brought about by the
rhetoric, money, and teachings of AMERICAN
evangelical pastors and churches, who believe in an support
the idea of gay men and women as 'something less than'
and who see us as acceptable targets.
This is why words matter.
This is why political stances are significant.
These are the realities behind 'beliefs.'
Our lives trump your ill-gotten religious notions.

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