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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stand Your Ground..Against Racism

If you think that being in the wrong place
at the wrong time makes you
'equally culpable' for your own unjustified murder....

if you don't think race played a part in
the murder of Treyvon Martin
(like, say, the motivating factor in
Zimmermen feeling unnecessarily
frightened or making false profiling)...

if you assume guilt or criminal
intent because a teenager wore a
hoodie, was 'shooting birds' on facebook,
or smoked some weed .....

if you think the jurors did their best
and were not skewed in their viewpoint....

if you think that 'Stand Your Ground'
is a smart law and has no issues with it...

if you're happy that Zimmerman got off and
hopeful that it 'sends a message' to 'the rest of them'...

then you are definitely racist as fuck,
regardless of whether you realize it or
recognize it as such or believe it.

Because the insidiousness of racism is
that it goes from 'opinion' to 'fact' in
the mind of the person feeling the
discriminatory outlook...justified and
excused and assumed to be 'truth,'
filtering all new information and events.

Racism: The Great American Epidemic.

More people being infected by it doesn't
make it more legitimate. Get well soon.


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