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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Network of Double-Standards & Practices, Deux

So, here in America at least, there's the idea
that freedoms are so precious that no matter how dastardly
and deranged the protesters or malcontents are...

Memphis KKK rally
...no matter how insidious or violent-minded their rhetoric...

Militias and Religion; a match made in Hell.

...no matter how steeped in psychosis and untruths
and extremist tendencies...

Tea Party unveils new slogan: "A-durrrr!"

...and no matter how they undermine the America way of life...

....there should always be preserved the right of all
people to gather and spread their toxic ideas, and
not to be hindered by authorities or constrained by
government policies.



Our nation's rich history of equality at work

Police (and others) prepare for Tampa's 2012 RNC
Oakland's Occupy gets gassed by cops
Cops ready to protect the world from free speech and protesters
(well, against anti-Republican sentiment, at least)
Oh ri-iiiight...
America, Home of the  Brazen,
Land of the Partially Free...
depending on what side of the crazy-fence you fall on.

That good old apple-pie double-standard.


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