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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Lie, A Myth, The Truth; Depends on Who's Looking

Cliches aren't always cliches because they're true...
sometimes they're cliches because lies and myths
spread faster than the truth...or common sense.

The same goes for stereotypes.

Most same-sex attracted folks (whether self-identified
as gay/lesbian, bi, queer, or not labeling themselves at all)
are not bears or clubbers or twinks or any of a number
of limiting iconic homosexual stereotypes that most folks
seem to hold in their mind's eye as fact.

(Doesn't help that 'Church Folk' and conservatives
seem Hell-bent on furthering myth of the masses
based on the perceived sins of a few, but hey--
they're working an Agenda and making that money,
so we know that's not changing any time soon.)

Homosexual activity is a relegated act for most...
a sideline...a distraction...an aspect..
an occasional perfunctory engagement that
does not significantly impact the rest of their life
(in exactly the same way that heterosexuality
doesn't dominate into the lives of most opposite-sex
attracted folks.)

Homosexuality is also a lot more common than
the average person seems inclined to believe!

We can be celibate (despite the lies told,)
we can be monogamous, we can be content
to only seek companionship semi-regularly, we
can be living as heterosexual with no one the wiser.

We are truly everywhere, and most of us are unknown
since people only identify us through garish offensive
stereotypes, and cease looking at fully-realized humans
in front of them.

Despite not needing to deny our sexuality nor hide away,
even openly gay and proud activists can think about sex
with the enthusiasm and regularity of an oil change.
(Which is one reason I have a sticker on my bathroom
mirror reminding me to 'seek out a blow job in 3 months--or
3,000 miles, whichever comes first.')

What you think you know may not be reality at all.
Thinking it true doesn't make it true...
Believing it likewise...
Hearing it from many people also doesn't confirm squat.

Look with your own eyes...
listen with your own ears.


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