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Friday, May 24, 2013

This Weak's Noose

Nathan "Let's Make a Deal--with the Constitution" Deal

The Gov'nuh released a statement over the "Bibles
removed from all Georgia state parks and cabins as a
result of complaints" non-issue. It should have gone
something like this:

"I have done prayed and prayed, and in the truest
heart of little sweet an' innocent baby Jesus' shed
blood, I cain't for the life of me figure why folks can't
have the Good Word in their rooms! So to help save
the lost souls who pay money to stay in state-run housing,
I have reinserted the Lord's Laws back into those rooms!

And until such time that a special committee can meet
(when Hell freezes over,) to determine what needs to be done
(since having religious documents supported by the state's funds
is a complicated, hard-to-figure issue beyond my pay grade,)
that is where I intend them to stay! Cuz next to the Lawrd, my
word is Law! (Well, actually, since it's all interpretation, my
word is the same as his 'word,' so..)
Thank goodness there's no other issues this week to
distract me from my work on The Lawrd's payroll!"


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