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Friday, May 31, 2013

Network of Double-Standards & Practices, Un

The Halliburton Profit Scheme, a.k.a. "protecting overseas investments"
Another Brainiac moment, relying on illogic and
avoidance of reality;

Let's keep worrying about all the overseas
improbabilities and eternal entanglements of their
internal strife: Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and such....

...since we only have 1, 360 active, home-grown,
fully-armed, bomb-making, anti-government
American militias *, many with bases training
people to violently overthrow the nation in a
concentrated terrorist war.

(We even know their names, addresses, and a lot of
the details. That's called 'smart,' not 'totalitarian,' by the way.)

Yeah...let's allow that to keep simmering til
something definitively happens, while we continue
shipping troops overseas and spend billions to police
other countries. (Political distractions make for better
news reports than sociological realities.)
Sounds like a plan, Stan.


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