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Friday, April 19, 2013

They Won't Subside Until You're Frantic & Screaming

Ricin letters mailed to the President.
Fertilizer explosions...'near Waco.'
Terrorist bombs at a marathon.
All within 2 days time of one another.
Probable attack from within.
All connected?

I don't bring these things up to worry and
work your nerves over. It's not designed to incite a riot
or be the 'first' to make the most outlandish speculative
nonsensical charge. I don't even have a conspiratorial
angle to push.

But rest assured, many do.

No, I mention the possibility of connection to say
that there is nothing new under the sun.

Even IF all of this week's events turn out to
be more than coincidental, and even if there is
some vast network of dissatisfied people
working against America (big surprise!)
it will certainly not be the end of the world,
nor anything remotely close to it.

Whatever the day brings--
we got this.

None of it is as Big and Scary and Unknown
or Insurmountable as the people who really
stand to profit from your fear and loathing would have
you believe. Stoking the fires, planting the seeds,
revving our engines, inundating us with worst case
scenarios and the like.

The shocking thing is that in a topsy turvy world
like this, this sort of crazy doings doesn't happen
more regularly. Makes it seem even more
wild when it does pop up from time to time.

But it makes more sense that it's all connected,
and that we narrowly avoid disaster on a daily
basis. That's just the way of the world.
Getting worked into a frenzy over it is a choice.

Don't let the fear-mongers and puppeteers
send you into orbit with their imbalanced horseshit.


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