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Monday, April 8, 2013

Instead of remaining a 'simple' matter of excessive
 force and unjustifiable homicide, the murder of
Trayvon Martin has become a litmus test for the
personal politics and racism in our sick country.

It is now about a small town's perverted sense of justice.
It is now a case of money and standing buying leniency.
It is now a horrible miscarriage of justice.
It is a defense that is a ludicrous and cruel joke.

The demonization of this young man is disturbing and wrong.

And to think, this never should have happened.
If only an unwell, privileged, armed thug had stayed in his
house and not stalked a young man.
Trayvon was guilty; guilty of being black and free.

Trayvon Martin is dead for no good reason,
and you or I could just as easily be next.


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