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Saturday, April 6, 2013

GOP presents: "America...The Advertisement"

                                              (Paid Political Advertisement)                                     

Get your pretense on, y'all!

This here's one of them Ads-for-a-Forthright-Truth-like Appeal-
for-Change sorta things. Or did we decide on 'Some-kind-of-
Bullshit-Club' Until we Decide the Next Bogeyman we can throw
hate at?

(Naw, we don't know what it means either; it was put together
by crafty Republicans. You know them and their empty words.)

America's natural resources--the thing that keeps our great
and powerful nation strong....the thing we need in order to be up
and running every day--they're diminishing.

No, not that namby-pamby liberal horseshit like land and water,
or--pfft! clean air! (Chicken little much, pecker heads?)

No, we're talking about Discrimination practices, duplicity,
deception, emotional manipulation --the backbone of our country.

We've strayed away from that, and this last election made that
sad fact abundantly clear.

So we've rallied together to fight to get our country back.

If anyone tells you that anything besides dirty Big Business
and corrupt special interest groups are what
keeps this country captive by the balls, well,
they'd be a damned liar. And that's just what we
need more of; white washers, con artists, and all
around scallywags.

No, we need to go Backwards to what made this
country great; Legalized Racism, Zero Tolerance for Homos,
Women in the kitchen and the bed only, killing off the
indigenous people, wild and drunken abandon with guns,
and child brides!


Don't let any of these crazy liberals fool ya into
thinking that 'progress' is a good thing; we all know things
are great just the way they are....or at least,
the way they were!

Package it right, and you can sell anything!

(Paid for by the Lying-ass Cater-to-the-rich nutball
circus-of-clueless-wonders known as the Republican
Party Extremists and Religious Control Freaks on Crack)

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