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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are Both of Their Two Faces Changing?

These 'changing' times!

So the Catholics are seeking to restructure and put on a new face

(since they lost so much of the old one, double-sided one,)

and of course it wasn't the pain they caused or the immorality of

their 'beliefs' and postulations that led to their supposed

about-face, but the loss of attendants (i.e.,

money, the true spine of the business of peddling Catholicism.)

(By the way, NBC News reported a few weeks back that the American South

and Latin America are the two areas where Catholicism is spreading most.

Not surprising; the two areas most filled with backwards bigots who enjoy the

Dark Ages. I imagine the dogma is popular.)
Republicans are looking to reinvent themselves and go back on all their

prior positions so that they can get back supporters and funding.

Who knew that 'morality' was just a cover story, and they were really

petty power-hungry despots targeting the lowest common denominators?

(Well, pretty much everybody, but why quibble.)

Who knew that morality was so easily bought and paid for...

or that it would be 'unpopularity' that was required to end decades

of immoral behavior on behalf of the church and a political party?

The devil can change its outfit, but you'll always know him

by his song and dance. And now we truly know the depths of their

cantankerous convictions; we know what's in the hearts of

these meek and lowly souls. "Any means to an end."

Good to know.

(Or, more to the point--good to not know them.)


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