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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mediocre Friday Dos

Blaine: We gonna rock it like Mardi Gras, y'all!
Antoine: What'chu so danged happy about?!?!

Blaine: It's 'Good Friday,' Boo! You so silly!
Antoine: What's so good about it, pray tell?

Blaine: This is the day that we talk about muscular, good-
looking activists being persecuted for their beliefs....while
half-naked, mind you! And then everybody kneels at
they feet! And then...we eat fish.

Antoine: Uh...Excuse you! You had me up til the fish part.
Ms. Merriweather does not touch the fish, thank you!

Blaine: Come on now! Where's your sense of adventure?
Why don't you just try a little taste. If you don't like it,

the taste and odor will pass over....in a few days!
Antoine: Mmn-hmmmm!

Antoine: Okay, give me a little bite.
Blaine: Now you KNOW that ain't right! But here's a little fish.
Chewwww it....chew it.....now swallowwwwww.
Come on now...I know you can swallow!

Antoine: You better stop! You bout to make me choke!
Blaine: That sound about right! Now what you think of that fish?

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