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Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1st: Weak in Review!

Nicki Minaj obviously has a fairly
liberal contract with 'American Idol,'
even by Hollywood standards!
After Thursday night's drama, it's clear she's not
contractually obligated to stay on her bipolar meds,
nor to stay off the heavy drugs!

"The former Pope had no more rope,
his career is up in smoke,
but he cut a deal you can't even scope,
oh the Catholics--there is no hope."

The Oscars were...okay.
MaFarlane did better than I expected (which isn't
saying much) for the first bit, with the skits and
singing and dancing. His numbers were good.
But then it lost steam and floundered, devolving
into the low-rate one-offs he's known for. Meh.

(My predictions for wins were at precisely 50% correct.
I'm losing my touch, too! But a lot of great films and
performances got some extra attention, with my husband
Ben's movie winning best picture--Yay!)

Tips For Robbing Banks in Donalsonville:
Don't steal a vehicle they know the tag for.
Don't try and escape down a long-ass no-side-road-havin' street.
Don't try it middle of the damned day.
And most importantly, don't be black!
(These crackers are looking for an excuse to open fire!)

Here's the real lame duck; the wimpy Boehner can't get
his unruly party under control.
But it's still "Obama ruined the economy...
Obama's pushing his agenda....Obama won't force a compromise!"

How about a pay freeze for Congress until they make a damned
right decision?
Oh wait--that wouldn't work...they're already in the pocket
of all the big corporations. They're taken care of for life.


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