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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hell's Belles

So which of these self-important pricks will get to dance with the Devil at the Ball?
"Devils with their red dresses, red dresses, red
dresses, devils with their red dresses ON!"

Well, the gala event is almost at a close.

Thank goodness the Catholic church did us all a
favor and bought all the media outlets in the
country this past month, lest we would have had
to do without 24-hour-a-day romanticized coverage
of the cult's ritual's bullshit.

Yup, it's been a news-blackout as some
news-anchors drooled over the beauty
of ceremonies and architecture like hasn't
been seen since Katie Couric used to interview
big-name actors.

Promenading, flowery puff pieces with no backbone
and zero bite as the networks don't want to
piss off the wealthiest and one of the most
prominent businesses of our time; the thought-
control soul police of the 'Christian' church.

The media blew off as an after-thought the
'allegations' of the church's sex abuse crimes.
(Allegations? Sell-out bitches, PLEEZE!
They just paid another dozen-or-so million out to
silence a bunch more victims in California.
Attention: Child Rapists; the Catholic church
is the place for you to go!
Even in America, the walls of the church are
equally as safe as the vaunted self-regulating
sovereign country/state of Vatican City!)

Well, every good host knows the way to
enjoy a good soiree is to just sweep the
dirt under the rug; there's no way to get
everything clean in time for all the guests we
want to impress.

As for that smoke...
Blowing smoke seems to be what these
smarmy bastards do best.

Yay. (Yawn.) There's a new Pope.

Someone to carry on the same-old traditions
that the murdering Crusades spent so much
time and energy on in spreading the 'loving'
word of such a kindly deity.


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