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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Badge of Honor

Remarkably, the Boy Scouts use 3 fingers.
Personally, I've only ever been able to handle one.

the Boy Scouts of America, a time-honored
institution representing only a portion
of these United and free States of America,
we the duly self-appointed Clan of Conformity
and Conservatism do hereby present this
Certificate to establish the traits we love and
respect most of the Scouts.

* Creating a necessary divide in the citizens of this country.

* Promoting the myth that homosexuals are second-class
citizens, incapable of upholding the Scout traditions.

*Failing to uphold the very character traits you supposedly
subscribe to and no longer instill in your charges.

* Denigrating the spirit of adult and juvenile
homosexuals by considering them separate and unequal.

*Continuing an American pass time with a
stain of exclusivity and elitism.

* Providing children with essential tools such as
judgementalness, condescension, prejudice,
and especially hypocrisy.

* Promoting the importance of living a shameful lie to
please othersrather than being honest and forthright.

* Putting a halt to the Homosexual Agenda's efforts to
create solid, integrated, healthy lives for all their generations
rather than allowing us to teach them how to suppress
and despise themselves.

We, also proud Americans beholding to the Christian
morals this country was founded on, applaud your efforts and
stand by you in your ongoing fight for honor.

The Ku Klux Klan of America

Another venerable old institution dedicated to
keeping this country great! "


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