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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nobody stays at home sick anymore!

I know the poor must work even while sick, but please
take precautions. Please handle yourself like you're grown
and know how.

Here at the bottom of the food chain (in both towns and jobs,)
the employers don't give a hang whether or not workers
show up to perform their tasks with a hangnail, a hangover,
or actively infected with the Bubonic Plague.
"Can you stand? Can you count change? Then tough it out!"

No concern for consumers or employees, that's a given.
(If they did, they would supply--and demand use of) gloves,
masks and copious amounts of hand sanitizer. That is in fact
the least they could do if they will not be socially responsible
enough to keep sick folks out of the workplace (handling
money, infecting the air, spreading germs on counters, etc.)

So, ignoring that perfect fictional world's nonexistence, I
plead with all the poor working stiffs; take it upon yourself.
Have enough self respect to contain your germs.
If you're afraid calling in sick will cost you your job or keep
you from paying rent, then at least follow some basic guidelines!

-Don't wipe your nose and then pick up a plate!
-Don't sneeze into your hand and then go back to work!
-Don't ignore hand-washing between handling anything you touch!
-Step away from people when you have to sneeze or cough.
-Cover your entire mouth--with an arm or shoulder, not your hands.
-Don't tell people you "aren't contagious" when you're dripping snot
and burning up.
-Use a disposable napkin/paper towel to grab door handles.

Even if you hate your job as much as it would be understandable
for you to hate it; please don't take it out on the rest of us!

P.S.: For the dip-shits among you, this guide also relates to attending
church, shopping, going to the library, or any other interactive outings
that brings your nasty ass near me!


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