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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inaugural Imbalance

So, after Obama's last MAJOR faux pas of having
heretical Hate-monger Pastor Rick 'Li'l Dick' Warren
giving the prayer at his inauguration, I thought maybe
he would have learned his lesson from the blow back
of upset over his choice.

(Actually, I figured the pick was an effort to calm all
the squirrelly nut fanatics who were mad that he'd won,

So when I heard the news that openly-gay artist/poet
Richard Blanco was going to be the Inaugural Poet for 2013,
I was elated at the choice! (Silly, silly rabbit.)

Now we find out that Pastor Louie Giglio (yes, it does
look a lot like 'gigilo,' and I think it's no coincidence) is
doing the Benediction later this month. Benediction,
as in Benediction Arnold.....another sell-out faglione.

Now Giglio has a history of anti-gay speech under guise of
Christianity (Huff Post on Giglio) and, as we all know, the
people who are most virulently opposed to us...who make
an agenda out of proving how 'not gay' they are...are those
loveliest of lovelies, the closeted homosexuals of the world.
Those self-loathing, self-denying sorts who fill the churches
and political halls of the world.

(Now, be honest; when you saw the two pictures above,
could you tell which one was the 'out, proud, gay man and
poet' and which was the 'supremely anti-gay supposedly-
godly-spokesperson who likes privately sucking cock in
the confessional?' Of course ya couldn't.)

Well, balancing out progress with backwardness doesn't
exactly make it a wash, and it certainly doesn't make it
balanced and right. Oh well, O...we know you're not perfect,
but come on with the hate-monger affiliation already!

Stop tolerating and propping up these people; you should be
using your Inauguration to take a pointed stand against these
sorts of people in our society, even as they attempt to demonize,
vilify, and eliminate us from the world (except when everyone's
attention is turned on them, of course.)

It's counter to the message supposedly supported by the
Administration and you can't have it both ways. Time to stop
tolerating the religious cults' hate agenda and stand up against
them firmly.

Coincidentally enough, Giglio is on a 'mission' (targeted at young
people specifically (Mmm-hmmn!) with his Passion crusade, focusing
on ending human trafficking and enslavement worldwide! I'm busting a
gut! So you're spreading YOUR version on enslavement and mental
inculcation under the banner of eliminating other peoples' wrong-doings
of a similar order! Too rich...funny, even, if not so horribly, tragically

As of this last minute, Giglio is no longer 'on the program.' No word on
who reneged, but...since he was unwilling to give commentary on his
current feelings toward the LGBTQ community (which he refuses to be
a part of in the light of day,) I guess we can figure it out.

"Too much attention....chorus boys and hustlers....will start being
interviewed soon...must pull out!"

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