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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HATE: A World-Wide Fad

Scott Lively:"Awesome! It's the blood of Jesus!"
Rick-the Dick-Warren:
"No, it's the blood of the humans I killed in his name!"

Welcome to the New Year!

And America's religion
and churches continue
with the # 1 U.S. export;

There's nothing that says 'Love' and
'Compassion' like imprisonment and
death camps.

But then, the cult of Christianity
hasn't been about 'Love' nor
'Compassion' since Jesus walked...
(and warned against making
a religion of his philosophy.)

Ah, it's wonderful to have
the pious, the self-righteous, the
criminally-insane, and the
ignorant in such high positions
of influence and authority
in this country!

Oh, Happy Day...


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