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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Every Body Part Scrutinzed

Boehner best be glad that all she did was roll
her eyes. If that spineless, weepy, prick
had dissed me in front of the world on
my man's day, I'd have bitch-slapped the
pale right off his empty, thick head.

There would have been some expensive
furniture moving around up in there.

You GO, Michelle, showing that restraint
for that ignorant putz.

Hey--look at it like this, 'news' crews with
absolutely nothing of value to report;
the FLOTUS is the representative of the
people, and she is supposed to do what we
would like for her to.
"Bitch, pleez...mind yer bizness, and your place, L'il Johnny!"

And I guarantee you the rest of the country
is tired of Ol' Johnny's nasty ass, and
wished we could--at the very least--
roll our eyes to show our disrespect.
(What's his approval rating these days?
Ten percent?)

On to more tepid worthlessness in the headlines;

Singer's voice was prerecorded.
No shit.


Quit giving over time to the Haters,
because they got served.
And they just can't cope.

Inauguration 'too expensive?'
Yeah, I'm sure Romney would have footed his own bill...
or had cheese sandwiches in the grass in order to
keep spending down.

'Too much diversity present?'
Well, about damned time after decades of NO
representation. Times are changing.
Pull your heads out of your asses so
you can tell which direction to walk.

And then

Here's a body part ya missed:

(You tell 'em, O!
My sentiments exactly!)


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