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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Much Deeper Problem

Okay...I truly assumed that this whole mess would
have been unraveled/revealed--or even more
preferably, completely blown over--by this point.

But since it hasn't, let me make a heartfelt plea
on behalf of this besieged and very disturbed young man;
Leave Manti Te'o alone before y'all drive this poor
closeted kid to commit suicide in order to cover up
a secret he obviously can't deal with yet.

Homophobia is real and severe, and it creates
a lot of schizoid people in this world, who do
a lot of foolish things.

But when people who hate who-and-what-they-are
get backed into a corner and they aren't ready to
divulge, they delve deeper into their secrets or
they take what they feel is the only way out. This
sense of desperation and unrealistic outcome is
not uncommon for someone who has built up and fed a
 fantasy for so long.

The fear and undesired dissipation of their longtime
false identity is truly psychosis-inducing.

Now I realize the world at large doesn't
care one whit for one less homosexual in
the world, but can we not just agree that
the media scrutiny on public figures is
too damned much, and pull back off of this
non-issue before it leads to tragedy?

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