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Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Stupid Bitch of the Year" Awards

Forget Bawbawa's "Least Interesting;" this here is the
real deal...the Dumbest Bitches. And Yes, Rihanna, honey...
once again you hit Number One! (And evidently are too stupid
to care that it's not something to be proud of!)
You beat all the competition out this year, honey;
Ann Coulter, Ann Romney, Victoria Jackson, and all
the rest of the thrice-used douches.

I mean, you are correct, dear;
"Tain't nobody's business."
('Unapologetic' my ass.)
But that lyric has been sung before, and better.
Yes, a retread...just like your tired, ignorant ass
cozying up to a punk that beat your ass senseless and silly.

Not our business?
Then quit being in the public eye.
Stop flaunting the controversy.
And when he whoops you like a dog again, don't
be on Oprah and Barbara Walters crying about it.

It's bad enough you're ignoring the impact that a
person such as yourself--who clearly markets and aspires to
be a revered person by youth--is making such an incredibly
stupid decision which will teach all these young girls that
being knocked the fuck out isn't sufficient reason to stay
away from someone.

No, in addition to that message, you're showing
pride, and indifference to others' concerns.

Worse yet, you're using the quagmire to market
and promote music; you're trying to make money
off of getting back with a woman beater.

I wash my hands of it, and hope that others
will too. First time someone gets hit? It's a crime.
If you go back after he hit you? I'd hold you down while he
whips that ass.  Maybe you can get some sense beat into you.
No, it is our bizness if you take your crazy ass down
to the boxing match and get the dumbness slapped clean
off your ig'nint face. You are --like it or not-- a hero and
an inspiration to young girls, and this is intolerable.

I hope parents will boycott you. I hope they'll sit down with
 their kids and explain why you are troubled and unacceptable.
But what of all the girls with no concerned or involved parents?

I would expect radio stations to do their part and be
responsible to the community, boycotting both you
and the dopey midget's 'music.' After all, Michael
Jackson was panned and banned by disc jockeys everywhere
after he faced allegations...a fate which has befallen artists
from Cat Stevens to R. Kelley to the Dixie Chicks, as
public sentiment has turned against once-popular
artists for a variety of reasons.

But alas, like you, they're only in it for the money.

Certainly you and the pussy have proven you are not
appropriate influences for children or other
impressionable folks!

Your 'man' has never shown remorse, and regularly
threatens other women and encourages his
followers to do the same.

I would go from calling you RiRi to CrayCray..
but someone might mistake that it was short for
Cranium, which clearly it isn't.

Go on back to his criminal ass.
Hope you survive the experience.

If there's any justice in the world, your career won't.


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