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Friday, November 16, 2012

You Can Keep A Bad Man Down

Shitty Mitty had some more words of Wist-dumb for
supporters of his on Wednesday. (Man, this guy's
stuff just writes itself!) His true face, once more
revealed as he obliviously runs mouth with witnesses!

He blamed his loss in the election on the key groups that
President Obama targeted in his campaigning; Blacks,
Hispanics, young people (and I think we can read
between the lines and assume women and gays
were lumped in there, too!) His racist blame-fest
promotes how unwilling he is to accept culpability,
and underscores what a clueless fuck he is.

He said that the President was only able to swing their
loyalty because he promised them 'gifts.'
From here, it's not rocket science; who got
promised what falls into pretty straight lines
of racial profiling and stereotyping on Smitty's part.

You know, dude...the more you speak, the
more clear a picture of you emerges.
The real, racist, elitist, outta touch goon
comes shining through in technicolor.
You're kind of your own worst enemy..
but I guess that would be kind of hard to admit
to oneself...kind of like conceding.

Let's be clear, Willard;
you lost because you're a loser.
You lost because people were paying attention.
You lost because people could see through your
shuck and jive.
You lost because people want to progress past the scary
conservatism that you creepily represent.
You're a fake...a boob...a schmaltzy con artist
and a pampered douche.

Take some responsibility, and, hey--
buy a clue, why don'tcha?
Obviously you can afford one.


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