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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Washington's Latest Extremist Cray-Cray

Condi Rice, who peddled false intelligence
to Congress and the public...misinformation
which led to nearly 4,500 American deaths
(not to mention long-term survivor burdens)
and conservative estimates of 100,000
Iraqi deaths....still hailed to this day as  
a Republican national hero.

Susan Rice, having reported information that
has not even been proven to be false intelligence,
 vilified, demonized, and scapegoated by the Republican
right wingers regarding the deaths of 4 Americans.

Is the pattern clear enough for you, yet?

John McCain, doddering and contentious
ridiculous fool...
an old has-been with no credibility or respectability
left, seeks to stay in the limelight by getting
on board the train to Crazy Town with
the rest of the treasonous anti-Obama haters.


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