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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Facts Aren't That Hard to Find

When Georgia Bush, Jr. (alongside Puppet Masters Cheney, Ashcroft,
Wolfowitz, Cambone, Feith, Rumsfeld, et al) took the excessive amount
of American intelligence reports (as well as reports from all over the world)
warning of the World Trade Center attacks, they did nothing...except for

warning top brass and governors and mayors not to fly major airlines!

(And they continued their cover-up by destroying evidence, erasing
information from the Commission's report, promoting lies, and silencing
the very real and available truth behind the extent of the attacks and the
'allegations' of insider assistance.) The Truth About 9/11

But no one called it the worst cover-up in America since Watergate, like
John McCain did last week, or like many neo-Conservatives have been
going ape shit over Benghazi, attempting to make it the defining mark of
President Obama's first four years.


It was the Bush-era tax cuts (and defense spending on a fabricated war)
that brought this country to it's ridiculous $ 2.4 TRILLION deficit (see below)
and yet no one blinks when Romney introduces his plan which would allow
those cuts to stay in place as well as add an additional $ 5 TRILLION in
cuts! Did the colossal screw we all received the first time--you know, the
mess that we're in because of Obama's predecessor, NOT Obama--not
make enough of an impression that we want to avoid it a second time!??!?



So, in strict political terms, please explain what the circumstances are that
one man gets deified for nearly destroying this country (and people still
avoid addressing that openly and honestly,) whereas another man gets
demonized for an infinitely lesser infraction basically amounting to slow
results? (I know the answer, but am curious to see who else is willing to
question or dig.)

Things that make you go "Hmmnnn!??!"

The Right/Reich has been out for blood with President Obama from day one.

Never has their been such open, unopposed, unwarranted disdain and
disrespect for a sitting U.S. President.

Even the news media flagrantly partakes of the dismissive tone, frequently
siting misinformation, never doing apt reporting, and almost exclusively referring
to him as 'Obama' rather than "the President."

It's not 'allegations' of a conspiracy; it for damned sure is one.


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