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Friday, November 2, 2012

The End is Near

Well, perhaps the 'end date' isn't
predicted to be an actual Doomsday for
the life of the earth,
but in fact it could be the end of
life on earth for billions of us
if Romney-bot gets into office next week. 

Proud to be detached, duplicitous, and dishonorable.

It's perhaps frightening enough  that,
after all Romney has said and done and had
revealed about him, the race is still so close.

Do people have no understanding of history?
Are they aware of what sort of hold money
and corporations have over candidates, let alone
when the candidate himself is Big Money
with their own corporate holdings?

Yes, we're on the verge of disaster, people,
and don't let fear-mongering and dormant racism
keep you from making the smart choice for the
future of us all.


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