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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Key & Peele: Obama's Anger Translator - "Victory"

These guys are so spot on and hilarious that I bust a gut no matter
how many times I watch it!

Now, at first, I was sort of thinking that I ought to be a gracious winner
and lay low with the "Congrats" and the festivities and the being joyous
that we dodged that bullet on the 6th.

But these sideways, psychotic, backwoods, inbred chicken-pluckers who
are intent on slicing and dicing the entire nation are out of their minds!
Secession! Gun sales! Crazy talk! Racist tweets! Assassination efforts!
Endless complaints! Anxiety fest! Doomsday scenarios! Conspiracies!
It's really quite too much.

There's no placating them; they don't want to be okay!

And the nay-sayers and haters are obsessed and consumed with hating on

President Obama (going against the very system they were counting on to
elect the man they wanted) and are going to pout and stomp feet and act
like kids until they get what they want.

It's a white-hot mess, and the crazy conservatives would have been all
over instigating mess with Obama supporters, so I say....
"Kick it, Key & Peele...speak that truth!"


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