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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get it Lined Up!

Okay, so there may be some inconvenience
and even discomfort involved in exercising
your patriotic duty today...
DEAL with it!

(Bring lawn chairs, a book, and a snack!)

Be late for work (unless you're
a brain surgeon or a nuclear power plant
operator, natch!) or have swollen feet
or get a bad back....
it's a small price to pay!

Because if their boy Willard Smitty wins,
he's taking us BACK...to some of
his favorite periods in history!
You'll have plenty of time to wish
you'd just damned well waited in a long line...

...when you're back working on a plantation
or having a camp for concentration.

It's not just an option,
it's not just a right...
it's a Responsibility!
VOTE to protect our future!

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