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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Both Sides Now

Vote Romney! If you want to get exactly the opposite of what he's promising!

His own face gives away the fact
that he's lying! (And so does his record!)
Here are the facts:

- No people skills

- No interest in disaster relief

- A Job Destroyer, not a Job Creator

- Out for special interests, especially big business

- No diplomatic skills

- Opposes stem cell research for you, but uses it himself

- Changed positions on every single major issue

- No interest in the poor or middle class

- Anti-woman, anti-black, anti-gay, anti-Latino

(and so on...and so on...)

But, hey--since Romney is allllll about
helping America out and saving us all from
these hard times we're in...so concerned
about the future of this country...I guess
when he loses the election he'll be
dedicating all his time to volunteering.

You know...like he has been with the bottled water
and the soup kitchen theatrics lately.
Or assisting our President fulfill the
wishes of the people in this nation, right?

It must be true...
cuz he told me so himself!

Our one-man
King Arthur riding in on his white (700) horsepower
Royals Royce...out of the goodness of his
blessed little Christian heart. What a guy.

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