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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Which Shitty Smitty Halloween Costume Will Be Yours?

The Bad Ass Who Wants to Get Rid of PBS
and education?

The sainted and hallowed 'savior' of the entire country?
(I guess he could wear a robe and a thorn of crowns, too!)

Caveman-Mitt with his gaffe-induced 'binders of women?'

Or Mitt-the-Hutt with his more literal--and accurate--
rendition of bound women in servitude?
(Oh, but just you wait, honey, til you see what the
'bound woman' ends up doing with those chains!!)

The Plastic Man? Taking on any shape that suits him?
(Kind of an insult to even a lesser known comic book
character--although Plas was "Eel" O'Brien, a
'former' criminal and slick con man. Hmmnnnn...)


The Bain Capitalist?
Bringing us a dark night?

Another Bat-classic: The Two-Face.
(Let's just keep it simple and descriptive.)

How about a two-sided actual Romney mask?
Just like the real Mitt, people won't know
whether you're coming or going!

Pinocchio Mitt?
A scared little fibbing boy, lost...but note the lack of
a conscience in this rendition!

Ahhh...the "Pander Bear"...and he has an attachable
white Dry Erase board on his chest so you can
display whatever message suits your audience of
the moment!

Travel back in time with the dangerously out-of-touch
Civil War era 'horses-and-bayonets" Mitty?

Portray a cartoonish money-bags having dolt who
is self-obsessed and delusional?
(Or, conversely, go dressed as Thurston Howell III.)

Just throw on a suit, a bad attitude, and carry an Etch-A-Sketch?

Fake extra mouth so you can talk out of both sides of it?

Or hell...if pressed for time, just wear a realistic
Romney mask and really scare the Bejeezus out of
everyone whose path you cross!

'Breaking Bad,' 'Bane,' and Zombies got
nothing on Old Man Willard!


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