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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Price of Freedom

I was thinking of bayonets and horses again today.
Specifically, how I would rather be stuck with a bayonet in
a new version of the Boston Tea Party, or run over by a
horse being used by a new Paul Revere than stand in line
and wait behind the old couple at early voting at the courthouse.

And listen to the comedy of errors from their poor,
senile heads as they yammered on and on.

So, old befuddled Jed and Granny asked a million questions,
didn't understand uncontested races, didn't understand touch-screen,
and forgot their instructions as soon as they were told.
It took for-EV-er for Ma Kettle to finish up and
there's no telling who she voted for.

Feeble old coots going through all this in order to
exercise their democratic responsibility to the republic?
Should be awesomeness personified, right?
I'm just wondering if they even knew who the
candidates were. I imagine they were there to make
certain Millard Filmore got reelected.

Where's the fairness, too, since they'll likely be worm food
before November 6th, let alone Inauguration Day.
Ah, well, I endured...and Grandpa Willard was still
hard at work trying to finish his voting (before his
horse and buggy got fined for being illegally parked)
as I left the courthouse.

Still, after the experience, a good old Civil War doesn't
seem so difficult to survive. Nor does it seem so
difficult to imagine how it occurred.

(Now, I trust the folks at the Registrar's Office/Probate
Office, but this scene is likely to be repeated over
and over again with the populace of a mostly elderly retirement
community come election day. There are some skeevy
hoes volunteering at the polling places who could
take advantage of addle-brained seniors to promote
their candidate. Not that a Republican would ever
stoop to dirty tactics!!!!! Haaa! So, if you know an older
voter who may need help, PLEASE go with them!
Unless of course, you're the one intending to scam them!)

I cast my ballot to oppose greater tyranny,
to stop the spread of conservatism and oppression
of civil rights. But I can't shake the feeling that all I
did was kneecap one of the many angry cracker's votes.

As of my visit, 583 other persons had participated
in early voting. Approximately 10% of the
registered voter population in this area.
I imagine most are the zombified, clueless, oldsters
like those before me, muddling through the process,
spurred on by scare tactics and fear of the future.

Ah, well...at least the new "I Voted" stickers are cooler.

(Early Voting continues through Friday, November 2nd,
Monday thru Friday 9 to 5,
and special Saturday hours on October 27th, 9 to 4
at the Seminole County Courthouse, downtown)

YOU MUST have picture i.d.
and know what your name and address appears
as on the voter i.d. card! Be prepared!


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