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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reich in Front of Your Eyes

Now the truth can be told.

Mitt Romney is not actually interested
in running for the highest office in the land.

Yes, he is in fact signed up, running a
campaign, and is the official Republican pick
for Presidential nominee.

But Smitty is not looking to win.
He was just bored and wanted something to do,
and the chalet in the Alps was so 1987.
The traveling and the closing down businesses
and the spending sprees and the possessions
were so tedious and uninspiring.

So on a lark, he threw his hat in the ring.
And now that the shine is off that, too,
he's just letting himself go.

He's heavy-sweating, losing-his-cool,
not covering his tail, letting it all
hang out LOSIN' IT!

And he's not fit to run an evening
jog, let alone run the damned country!


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