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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gay Republicans? Stupid Is As Stupid Does

So, no big surprise, but the ridiculous and fucktarded
"Log Cabin Republicans" announced official backing
of Willard Romney yesterday.

The Log Cabin Republicans.
The guys who specifically exist so as to be a
uniquely gay support group for the Republican party,
the party with policies and stances that are designed
to eviscerate and decimate gay people, their rights,
their dignity. (And, by the way, named innocuously
enough so most folks wouldn't know what the hell
their group is.)

Do I think all "LCRs" are self-hating fags who want
to concede and be tolerated (superficially) at any cost.
No, not at all.

I think about half are self-hating and desperate for
the dismissive 'affections' of their tormentors, and the
rest are a bunch of ignorant fucking Uncle Toms who
have sold us out and are selfish bastards who care about
their own money, power, and prestige.

For a few pieces of silver...

Supposedly a back-room deal and a false promise from
Romney, the most notorious two-face in politics, was
the impetus for Clarke Cooper (head of the LCR) to
go ahead and give support to the Romney campaign
at the last minute.

Not that it matters; these goons are hated and laughed at on
both sides; by the folks they betray within their 'community,'
and by the 'real' Republicans who still despise them but 
contentiously welcome their vote.

And nope, sexuality is NOT the only issue on the table,
obviously! But the GOP is wrong on EVERY social
stance for this country; their anti-gay rhetoric and conservatism,
their unholy alliance with the 'Christian' extremists is simply
indicative of a larger sickness across-the-board.

But what kind of person supports a candidate that
is wholly devoted to denying you rights and
protection? Was there a payoff involved in this
issued support? Because stupidity alone does not
justify backing a flip-flopping, bullying thug with a
history of anti-gay activity that predates his political
career! (And one pro-gay Boy Scouts remark nearly
20 years ago is hardly grounds for ignoring everything else!)

And, Hello! The Mormons are some of the most repressive,
anti-gay religious fanatics out there! Did you all forget that this
guy's first commitment and focus and MISSION in life
(in his addled brain) is to spread his Kool-Aid fueled
religious BS?

It's not a coincidence that a huge history of closeted
gay politicians have been embedded in the Republican party, where,
yes, they have made anti-gay decisions their ticket to
success! How sick is that? You have to be able to hate yourself
if you can detach from making horrific decisions that will
help ruin lives.

It really doesn't make a difference to me if pro-Republican fags are
in or out of the closet; you're an embarrassment, you're dangerous, and
anyone with a lick of sense will refrain from having sex with you
until you come to your senses. You all are out trying to get laid
while the rest of us are busy getting fucked.

Obviously, getting your rocks off is the only
aspect of being gay you care about.
That's one giant step back in time,
and one giant embrace of a filthy stereotype.


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